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iPhoneAppsPlus->Business->QuickVoice® Recorder

QuickVoice® Recorder

QuickVoice® Recorder

Last changed: Jun 01, 2009

QuickVoice® Recorder

Category: Business
HomepagenFinity Inc
Rating: rating 8(94222)
Version: 2.4
Size: 2.5 MB

Price:  Free 


NEWS!!! QuickVoice now provides unlimited use of the new EZiPhoneRingtones.com so you can now make your own iPhone Ringtones for FREE! Produce quality tones from recordings of your music, friends and family, or ambient sounds and sound effects! Plus, it's still the best most full featured iPhone recorder available!
QuickVoice is one of the most - if not the most - popular full featured voice recorders available for the iPhone. It's perfect for recording ideas, voice memos, dictation, to do lists, classes, meetings, even entire lectures. Ideal for professional, educational, and personal use.
Compare These Features!
* Free Desktop Sync App
* Make Free Ringtones From Recordings
* One Touch Recording
* One Touch Stop & Save
* Voice Email Up to 2MB
* Records for Seconds or Hours
* Pause Record and Resume
* Adjustable Recording Qualities
* Flip Mode For "Mic on Top" Recording
* Record Timer & Playback Counter
* Double Tap for Quick Playbacks
* Auto File Naming w/Optional Renaming
* Finger Scroll Through Messages
* Pause & Resume Playback
* Drag Slider for Seek/RWND/FFWD
* Audio Level Meter
* Displays File Sizes and Time Stamps
* Plays Thru Earpiece, Speaker, Ear Buds
* Use iPhone's Built-In or Add-On Mics
* Great Design
* Best Feature of All, It's FREE!
Important: To obtain the free sync app utility for transferring recordings to your computer simply send an email to SendMeSync@nfinityinc.com
Note: Check out our immensely popular QuickVoice2Text Email app with SpinVox voice-to-text speech technology (also available in the App Store). Simply 'Speak & Send' perfectly formatted TEXT emails using just voice and a few touches for no more iPhone typing!
QuickVoice is also available for Mac and Windows desktop & laptop computers. And, our iPhone version of QuickVoice syncs with our computer versions. Visit our website for a great deal.

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A must have for business!  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: cPina - Jun 5, 2009
Version: 2.4
When working on the go, in multiple meetings and handling administrative tasks, Quick Voice is the #1 product to make your life and business 100% more efficient. With the ability to record lectures, meetings, rehearsals, speeches, and important conversations, Quick Voice has made remembering and prioritizing things a breeze. This product will save you time, money and also the embarrasment of forgetting things! This app makes the iphone worth having! Get it today!

Company Support When things go wrong is NON-Existent! --> Find a better company!  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: edanastas - Jan 19, 2010
Version: 2.4
These people are not capable of handling the volume that an iPhone app brings. Oviously not very experienced and probably just a small bunch of kids programming in their spare time.
The competition for these apps is too high. You can get another app that does this basic recording and does it better without all the support headaches.
Yeah, so what if it records well, if you can't get them off your iphone! Lost many important recordings because of their unprofessionalism. I would rather invest my money in a company that cares about their customers.

Best recorder I have ever seen  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: Wba53t - Feb 27, 2009
Version: 2.1
Hi guys first of all thanks to quick voice for coming up with the best recorder in town. Much more good thing is it is free and just yesterday they started sending the sync utility for ABSOLUTELY FREE that will cost you $15 to get. I tried many recorders but nothing comes close to this one. I recorded close to 3 hrs and didn't know that there is no sync utility for free and I had those recordings in my phone but I was lucky enough to get the sync utility for free. Also the transfer of files was so fast that it was u believable.again if u r looking for a recorder I would say ur search Is over with this one. Thanks once again quickvoice team for the free sync file. U R THE BEST.

Doesn't get any better then this  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: M.M. Productions - Feb 22, 2009
Version: 2.1
The sound is crystal clear on this app. The user interface is perfectly written for someone who wants to take a note as fast as posible. Auto names immediately after so you don't have to fittle around when you are in a hurry. Playback is fast and clear and then when you have time you can name it later. And to top it off it's free. I would pay 5 bucks for this and not even think twice. Awsome job.

One of My Best Apps  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: Sidebysid - Feb 16, 2010
Version: 2.4
Yes, this is a great recorder (and yes, better than Voice Memos) BUT do yourself a favor and get the Pro version called Quickvoice2Text. It has an INCREDIBLE voice-to-text email feature. This is no exageration, it has effectively eliminated ALL my iPhone email typing. The implementaion and quality of transcriptions are that good. Plus it comes with a copy of QuickVoice for the computer. Together these two apps will handle any and all of your audio recording needs and more.Btw: the two knuckleheads that posted before me should be banned from being able to posting reviews. I can just picture you two dopes speaking into your iPods. Duh, think you might need a microphone to record into your iPod?

Great Game!!!  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: I'm hottttttifffful!!! - 4-Oct-2009
Version: 2.4
This game is so good.But I wish u can record even longer.BUt still the game is sooooooooo good:) I want the full version.SOme people say that there's only a card in America.Well if that's where it only is it's stupid.I get songs from the card from iTunes so I can't get another card.I can't pay for it.I'M spendin my money on a lambargennie.I'm a worker.iF ever you wants work at timmys or mcdonalds then call 416-285-9115.LOl love yal.LEt me thank my fans.OH the next star was sooo hot!I watched it like all the time.Mike is doing so well in heaven and he's livin well.Rip mikey

Very good Productivity App that Integrates well with GTD  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: cloudriderwu - Jan 12, 2009
Version: 2.1
I was looking for a voice recorder to use to capture my thoughts and todo's.
I found the interface nice, as well as the functionality very good. Let's you easily switch back and forth the play back between speaker or earpiece (if you want some privacy).
For those of you who practice GTD (Getting Things Done), this is a great and fast ubiquitous capture tool.
I love the icon, which has the same look and feel as native Apple applications.

Free is too cheap!  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: iPhoned! - 20-Aug-2009
Version: 2.4
I used this, paid for the Pro version, then reverted back to this. It's what Apple's built in app should of been. To make this near perfect app perfect: add an (optional) badge count of unplayed memos (as I for one need to be reminded that I made a memo to remind me of something); and lose the useless "i" button that take you to the App Store page for the not-so-polished "Pro" version. Do both these things, and nothing more (please cluter this beutifully simple app) and I'd happily pay. (What's wrong with the Pro version? It's slow to load (annoying when you want to record a quick memo) and ... well ... the voice-to-text feature is just too flakey to be of any real value.)

Only playback through speaker?  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: Derdrache - Dec 1, 2008
Version: 2.0
Works great. One of the best recording apps I've used. I would gladly pay or this if they added two things: 1. Button to swap playback between the speaker on the bottom of the phone (ie speakerphone) and the top speaker so everyone around me doesn't have to listen to my recordings. 2. The ability to delete multiple recordings. Everything else is perfect IMHO. Great app. It's free so there is no reason to not try it.

Bad to worse  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: Drjhunt - 22-Jun-2009
Version: 2.3
Bought this day one of the app store. Poor quality low volume recordings, promise of free software but requires contacting company by email to which they do not reply, no sync despite the description - again you have to email them to get the software and there is no reply. I waited on the hope things would improve and they have not, hence the bad review. I have found an alternative with much better volume and quality and built in emailing of recorded messages. Avoid this until updated. Worst of all it was previously six quid! Do I feel a fool.

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Great dictation app for Dragon Naturally Speaking  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: byteshredder - Oct 11, 2008
Version: 1.3
With the new features in v1.3, my iPhone is now a suitable dictation source for Dragon Naturally Speaking. I've been a long time user of voice-to-text dictation software from Dragon Naturally Speaking and for the last year I've been using a dedicated Olympus digital recorder to dictate my notes, memos, etc. With the improved voice quality controls setting in QuickVoice Recorder v1.3 I am now able to record my dictation at a quality level that allows Dragon to accurately transcribe my material.
I also like the way QuickVoice will automaticly rotate it's screen on the iPhone when I turn it upside down to speak into the microphone...nice touch. The ability to sync recordings to my Win XP PC has never been a problem, but I am looking for a way to automate the post-sync processing of my files so they feed directly into Dragon after the Sync is complete.
I agree that their web page is very spartan, but if you send them an e-mail they are very responsive and helpful.

The Best Voice App  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: Burncycle - 02-Apr-2009
Version: 2.2
This is the best one! Very good voice quality. You could make a podcast with this. No time limit, which many other apps impose on you. The killer feature is you can email your recording to either yourself as a backup or sent to another person as talking email. The email is sent via your own email server. The recording file is sent in QuickTime format so it's very compatible. CARNT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS APP IS FREE. GET IT NOW!!!

Great app, but couple things...  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: Jasen Lew - Jun 19, 2009
Version: 2.4
What I was looking for in a recorder: [1] easy/simple navigation, [2] e-mail voice recordings, [3] unlimited recording length and [4] can append to existing recordings. QuickVoice comes the closest to what I was looking for, and is only missing the apend feature which I hope they will come out with as an update soon. Also, be great if I could e-mail larger than 20MB - would be a nice-to-have feature. Small bug is that if I type an e-mail address (and not select an e-mail from my Contacts), then the app won't allow me to send. Other than that, well done, and just a couple small tweaks to 5 stars! Thanks!

GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: SFPete - Aug 29, 2008
Version: 1.1
I bought the app, installed on my iphone and recorded a business meeting on it. I sent them the email with the purchase number, and after two days, didn't receive the mac software. I contacted their customer support via their website, and they were EXTREMELY kind and helpful. Turns out that their reply email with the link to download the software was being blocked by my spam filter. So when you send off your purchase email to them, make sure they are added to your list of emails that are ok, so the spam filter doesn't get them. Again, great customer support and the apps works as promised!!!

Works great  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: hbutz.com - Aug 29, 2008
Version: 1.1
I've only tried short audio clips using OS X. Slick simple interface, progress bar, pause recording button. Saves to my Documents folder when I import the sound files after a sync with their free utility. The format is compressed Apple audio which plays easily in Quicktime and can be edited with Audacity - any available free version, then exported to wav, etc. I do hear a lisp, but suspect the iPhone mic to be the culpret. Haven't downloaded the free software package yet, which I'm unsure if I'll use. No complaints. It just works great.

A must have for business!  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: cPina - Jun 5, 2009
Version: 2.4
When working on the go, in multiple meetings and handling administrative tasks, Quick Voice is the #1 product to make your life and business 100% more efficient. With the ability to record lectures, meetings, rehearsals, speeches, and important conversations, Quick Voice has made remembering and prioritizing things a breeze. This product will save you time, money and also the embarrasment of forgetting things! This app makes the iphone worth having! Get it today!

Bravo!  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: Los Angeles - Aug 27, 2008
Version: 1.0
Bravo to the software developers! I have used QuickVoice on my computer for years. It is an exceptional recorder. What a great surprise to see the iPhone version with sync. It's ingenious and works great. I think it's the best recorder with the most very nice features for the money. By the way, the company is reputable and stands by its commitments. And you can trust this company to improve the product. Looking forward to voicemail!

Very Good App  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: Icebergie - Jan 8, 2010
Version: 2.4
This is a very good free app BUT I agree with others, spend the dollar for the Pro version of QuickVoice with SpinVox speech-to-text email and free copy of QuickVoice for computer. It is waaaay worth the dollar and then some.Note: The previous "DocShielas" review is for the QuickVoice2Text app for 99-cents. I couldn't agree more with it. This free one is good BUT spend the dollar for the paid app. It's a must have.

GREAT QUALITY -- AWESOME APP  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: steviebvd - Aug 9, 2008
Version: 1.0
I have had this app on my phone for 3 weeks and I use it ALL the time. It works flawlessly and syncs to my computer flawlessly every time. I had to give this app a review because it has been such a handy tool for me. To read some that say low volume or poor quality???? Try again. Don't know what your gig is, because I have recommended this product to several people and they all LOVE IT. Turn your ringer volume up if it is too low... because this thing runs great! Plus, it syncs to my computer which is so easy and very useful. Anyway.... best app I have on my phone! THANKS

Excellent for lecture recording  rating of QuickVoice® Recorder
By: GGK - Aug 8, 2008
Version: 1.0
I had my doubts before buying it, but I can now tell you this app is great. I use it to record lectures at my college. I record 2.5 hour lectures twice a day without recharging my 1st Gen iPhone. I then transfer the files using the proprietary (free) software with no problems. File format is CAF, which I convert to AIFF using Quicktime. Sound quality and volume is very good (with my iPhone no more than 12 feet from the professor) I'm very happy with the app for the use I give it.

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Worldwide rank of QuickVoice® Recorder in Business
Reported by http://www.iPhoneAppsPlus.com Apr 16 2014 19:19:56 View Image
CountryTop Free
    United States13
    United Kingdom22
    Costa Rica7
    Czech Republic28
    El Salvador5
    Hong Kong22
    New Zealand13
    Saudi Arabia25
    South Africa15
    Sri Lanka3
    United Arab Emirates24

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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