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Last changed: Oct 28, 2009


Category: Healthcare & Fitness
HomepageNicholas Martin
Rating: rating 8(215)
Version: 2.7.0
Size: 0.6 MB

Price:  $5.99 


*** For all those reviewers who complain that your meds or insulin types aren't included, please look more closely! ALL MEDICATION, INSULIN AND EXERCISE TYPES ARE FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! ***
Diamedic © Diabetes Logbook offers a unique solution for the diabetic to easily record every glucose reading, insulin injection, lab result, carb intake, weight, medication and exercise workout. Log sugar levels on the go, then monitor readings with instant graphs to help you maintain tight control.
• Use the built-in insulin types, medications and exercise types or customize to reflect your own usages and preferences.
• Use built-in glucose periods (before/after breakfast, etc.) or set your own,.
• Show glucose readings and lab results in mg/dL or mmol/L and weight in kg, pounds or stones.
• Track basal program settings on insulin pumps.
• Log items via scroller wheels or the built-in keyboard.
• Graph readings, weight and lab results in multiple formats.
• Use the prescription and medication refill calculators to predict refill requirements based on previous 30 days.
• View all information about the current day in the Composite View.
• Email information to yourself or your doctor.
• Exchange data with any FTP file server.
• Add notes to individual log items.
• Set up insulin injection templates for common shots.
By storing user information in a highly compressed format, Diamedic © can record a lifetime of diabetes readings, injections and accompanying notes in less space than is required to store a single song.

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best diabetic app so far  rating of Diamedic
By: orange_69 - 07-Jul-2009
Version: 2.6.0
This app is now, with the latest update (2.6.0) pretty much the perfect tool for keeping track of the large amounts of data the diabetic of today needs to keep for reference. I tried all the others on the app store, this is the best. The addition of user editable insulin types means it is now a universal app for just about any diabetic on earth. It makes the built-in data recording of even the best glucose meters from Onetouch look like something from the stone age in comparison. I am looking forward to showing it off to the hospital on my next check up. The consultant and the diabetic nurses will love this. Well worth the asking price.

Totally Perfect Application  rating of Diamedic
By: Donna MacRae - 03-Nov-2008
Version: 2.0.0
This is perfect! This app does everything you need in order to record all that vital info to help us keep blood glucose under control. I have used a computer programme till now and good as that was it still meant carrying a notebook around and transferring information when I got home. This saves all that extra work and records exact times etc for you. You can customise the extensive med list, select which units you work in for glucose readings etc. Nicholas who wrote the programme answered my one email question by return. I keep this app in the dock of my iphone.

Superlative  rating of Diamedic
By: Mr Lune - 25-Oct-2008
Version: 2.0.0
Fantastic, phenominal, wonderful seem inadequate to describe this app. As an Englishman with a love of gadgets, I have an advanced Glucometer which reccords all the info of this program and uploads it to my PC. But the output comes nowhere near the 'Composite View' - it's a view of everything in one very novel view. Forget the critics! They want a £1m program for free, this will do nicely. It even speaks English - that is, mmol/l. I find no problems on stability and useability - the GUI is good. Entering data is a breeze, so long as you take time setting it up properly. All the caregories, drug names and Insulin types are fully editable, so what more would you want? All round it does what the old cliché says, "What it says on the tin (can)". The developer is not paying for this - it's only Gentlemanly to compliment where indicated. I trust he might keep us Brits in the loop when taking this program onto further heights. Many thanks from another Type 1.

Almost perfect  rating of Diamedic
By: kwyrick - May 5, 2009
Version: 2.5.0
Update: this app is the most user friendly for Type 1. I've tried most of them from the app store & always go back to this one. Carbs are now on the program - yeah! Even better would be a 3 way split graph that shows glucose level, carb intake & insulin dosage all on one screen. Type 1 is all about cause & affect. If it allowed you to track carb counts & graph that data as well I would have given it 5 stars. To really manage diabetes, you need to see your glucose level, what you ate (carbs) and how much insulin you took all on 1 page or graph. Maybe you can refer to the program called Diabetes Pilot (not for an iPhone) for improvement ideas??? I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that an update happens soon, so I can then recommend this program to all type 1 diabetics.

Great App  rating of Diamedic
By: type 2 - Apr 11, 2009
Version: 2.5.0
This app has made my life much easier. It provides easily entered and easily accessed data as to all of the important issues - glucose readings, A1c and other lab results, daily carb intake, daily exercise, med tracking, weight tracking, and more. If you keep your entries current, there's no wondering whether you skipped a dose. The graphing function is extensive and very reinforcing - if your numbers are on a healthy track. The data points are customizable. You can add your own meds and exercises, for example. I started using this app after a period of out-of-control behavior, and it has helped me to regain control. It helps me focus. Customer support is quick and friendly. The app's only omission is calorie tracking.

This app is simple to use on a daily basis  rating of Diamedic
By: rud3n3ss - Mar 8, 2009
Version: 2.5.0
I have tried most of the diabeties tracking apps in the app store (except the over priced one made by a bunch of doctors with what looks like an overcomplicated interface), and this one ended up being the keeper. I don't know about you, but I have a busy life and can't afford endless time tinkering with a program. This app was easy to learn, easy to understand, and most importantly easy to use every day. Inputting info 4 times a day can get tedious, but this app makes that task so easy that it becomes transparent in your daily routine. Another feature that rocks is the main composite info graph. As you input glucose readings or insuline doses they get displayed immediatly to the graph. This allows you to quickly see how you are doing throughout the day. I use the FTP feature to output files to backup my info, but that is all I use them for. My doctor just takes a look at the iPod when I visit, I guess I am lucky that way. In any case I absolutly recommend this app for anyone looking for an app that follows the KISS principle, but still manages to include all the features you need in an app like this.

wonderful  rating of Diamedic
By: tim75 - Oct 20, 2008
Version: 1.6.3
As a log, this app can't be beat. Great email function and graphing function. I'm not a diabetic but I use this to keep tabs on my diabetic cat and email the vet his readings. The developer seems to pay great attention to the functionality of this app. As to the reviewer who complained this app doesn't give recommended injections, that is a BAD idea. One word: liability. You should be working with your doctor for that.

This App got me off Insulin.  rating of Diamedic
By: WhahWhah - Oct 11, 2008
Version: 1.6.3
This is a great application. I suspected that my glucose was too low on average and I would also have severe low points. I had a doctor that wouldn't listen to me. It seemed like looking at my readings in a book or hearng them out of my mouth was a bother. I was not getting good treatment because of that. I got a new doctor, came in for an appontment, showed him my readings in both graphs and single entries on the iphone with Diamedic. The next words out of his mouth were "you don't need to take insulin". I could have told him my readings until I was blue in the face, but showing it to him in graphical form seemed to be something he could understand. Diamadeic is the best app of its kind and will only get better with future updates. I owe you guys (Apple and Diamedic) a debt of gratitude for improving my life in a big way. THIS APP WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!

I like it !  rating of Diamedic
By: AubreTigre - Aug 8, 2008
Version: 1.0.0
I like this application. It lets me enter in my previous readings, and since I was diagnosed on July 1st, that’s all my readings. The way you enter in the readings is by using the iPhone scrollers to enter in the date and time, then put in your reading, then enter the event (i.e. Before Breakfast, After Dinner, etc.) Once you have your older readings in the program, if you go there right after you take a reading - the current time will be automatically there for you.
I like the scrollers because I find it less taxing on my fingers than typing in the date and time manually, and when you are pricking your finger every day anything that can make it less painful is a bonus. Once you get your old data in, assuming you keep updating Diamedic on a regular basis you won’t have very far to scroll back. The default setting for time entry is in intervals of 15 minutes which saves on database space. If you want to change it to allow more precise (intervals of one minute) this is easily changed in the settings.
The application has a chart that graphs your blood glucose readings, which can really show you visually how you are doing. There is a stats page that gives you your 30 day average, your max hi and max low over that time frame.
There is an insulin dose part of the application that I did not get to test because I am not taking insulin. I’d like to hear what someone who is using insulin thinks of that part of the application.
Overall, I like it very much and it is so much nicer to be able to keep track of my readings history with something I am already carrying with me each day as opposed to a log book.

Brilliant!!!  rating of Diamedic
By: vortexbeing - 12-Oct-2008
Version: 1.6.3
I have used several BGL monitoring programs before but was very happy to find this a brilliant application. Very easy interface, and simple to use to record your glucose levels and injectables.
I have several suggestions to increase the usefulness of the Diamedic application:
To include an (Editable) common Carb/Food database that can be used to define the carb intake at each particular time of entry.
To create notes for time of entry, not daily, so that we can enter Ketone values or specify Hypo and details.
Although the application is able to email results, it would be great if instead of sending the email either as BGL’s or Notes or Injection information, to send as one email including each of the combined results per time of day as in:
Date, BGL, Insulin and Dose, Carb intake and Value, Hypo Y/N, Ketone Value if any.
Then to include Graph Images
Thanks for a well thought out application, I look forward to more updates :-)

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Excellent!  rating of Diamedic
By: xleopard - 17-Aug-2008
Version: 1.5.0
This is the best iphone/touch app for diabetics recording BSL's and shots. It allows you to write notes for each reading and includes a nice graph that you can scroll across the screen showing your readings 12 months back also email function is great (would be good if included shot readings in email as well) and its all designed in a nice easy to read clean layout. I've tried the other apps and nothing beats this. Well recommended.

Easy to use, complete App!  rating of Diamedic
By: Idojeeps - Oct 2, 2009
Version: 2.6.1
I have only recently been diagnosed with diabeties, Gestational Diabeties at that. After getting released from the hospital the doctors orders were to keep a log for each reading. This App does WAY more then that! I like how it is all customizable, from Meds that you take to Insulin types if yours isn't listed. My favorite part is that I can select what time period I want to send to the OB for each visit! So I don't have to go in an edit the e-mail. I can just select the day to start if I just want to send reading or whatever! Great App. Defintally worth the $5.99 over the free apps! Would buy it again and again!

best diabetic app so far  rating of Diamedic
By: orange_69 - 07-Jul-2009
Version: 2.6.0
This app is now, with the latest update (2.6.0) pretty much the perfect tool for keeping track of the large amounts of data the diabetic of today needs to keep for reference. I tried all the others on the app store, this is the best. The addition of user editable insulin types means it is now a universal app for just about any diabetic on earth. It makes the built-in data recording of even the best glucose meters from Onetouch look like something from the stone age in comparison. I am looking forward to showing it off to the hospital on my next check up. The consultant and the diabetic nurses will love this. Well worth the asking price.

Incredibly useful application, just one or two minor annoyances  rating of Diamedic
By: needlegun - 31-Jan-2009
Version: 2.5.0
This is an amazingly useful application, and I have gone from maintaining a relatively complex spreadsheet to just using Diamedic.
It has a useful and relevant set of features that any diabetic will find really helpful in keeping tabs on how they are doing. An added bonus is that obviously you can pull out your iPhone and show your doctor or other healthcare specialist all your historical data.
If I had to make any criticisms then it would be that the interface can be a little un-intuitive or convoluted sometimes - a by-product of just how many features this app has I guess. Pop-ups can be a little annoying, like when retrospectively adding weight readings for example. Also, entering differing readings, like glucose and weight for example, requires you to use completely different menus. One final thing is that when your using the scroll-wheels to enter a value it's very easy to hit a menu button by mistake, so you suddenly find yourself in some other part of the app and then have to navigate your way back to where you were.
Those are minor niggles though and I thoroughly recommend this app to anyone who who needs to keep a record about their diabetes.
Wishlist? It would be cool if you could define your own exercises, like minutes spent on an exercise bike for example.

Wonderful but annoying  rating of Diamedic
By: Alistair.Flood - 13-Aug-2008
Version: 1.0.0
As has been said, simply the best recording application available. It is a direct replacement for the hand written book I was keeping. While intuitive and easy to use, the number entry system which uses ‘wheels’ to bring numbers up from below is so annoying to a right hander. I’ll persevere till another comes along or they release an update.
Money well spent……….
PS A Mars bar for the person to reverse engineer the iphone to include a glucose meter : )

Good, as all apps, could add things....  rating of Diamedic
By: scottcald - Apr 23, 2009
Version: 2.5.0
I've used this regularly. I'd love to see the app decide breakfast, lunch or dinner based on the time of day. I'd also love to have an app that will interface directly with my Freestyle lite meter. I use that one because it's the smallest to tote around all the time. I'd also like to be able to put in my normal insulin dosage and have it remember that and just add on if need be. Great work, though, Nicholas. Hope you're busy with the 3.0 SDK now!

Good, but could be better  rating of Diamedic
By: Alan Stewart - Apr 9, 2009
Version: 2.5.0
I've been using Diamedic for a few days now. Overall I really like it but there's on major weakness that I'm now aware of, at least if you want to record exercise. I do road and mountain biking, spin classes, swim laps, walk and other activities that might affect my blood sugar and would be good to track. Diamedic only provides fields for date/time and quantity! It is good that quantity can be entered as an assortment of units, but the same number of minutes of spin class and of walking are not equivalent. I'd really like to enter the type of activity also. I guess I could work around this using notes, but I really shouldn't have to do that. Leave the selection of units or quantity independent of the type of activity though - if I know how far I walked I'll enter that, but if I don't know I'll enter minutes. Of course, calories could be a universal unit, but then the user would need help in estimating that value! Maybe I just need to get another app for doing the calorie calculation, but I'd still prefer to track the activity type too.

Saving Grace for a Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic  rating of Diamedic
By: beadtific1 - Dec 1, 2008
Version: 2.0.0
I am not the journal keeping type. I *start* journals, writing diary, food journal, whatever, and then fizzle out. Of course, journal keeping is critical to getting my sugars under control and Diamedic is so helpful in this regard. While my enthusiasm might have a tinge of shiny/cool/yay gizmo factor - something I am sure fellow iPhone owners understand - it is also because this is a practically perfect tracking tool.
There is little to no start up confusion. It's very easy to scroll through the screens and find how to properly enter your readings and meds and exercise and labs, so easy to be able to have all that information in a device you're going to be carrying around anyway. The graphs and charts are a wonderful tool to see where you've been over the day, the week the month and even the year.

I do wish that the reports and emails that it produces - which are awesome for accurate reporting to your doctor - had the daily information completely integrated. It's awkward to go over the seperate reports, cross-checking each date and page, especially hard to reconcile note entries over here with glucose readings over there.
I'd like the ability for the program to remember my medication dosages overall, not just the screen I pull up when I want something entirely different and never can get back to when I do want it. I'd also like more kinds of exercise to choose from and the increments thereof, i.e., being able to say 10 *minutes* of walking instead of 10 laps. Or the additions of yoga or pilates and even "brisk" walking versus "slow" walking. Or the ability to add a new type of activity on my own. I had these kinds of options with the online Weight Watchers' journal and it would be very helpful to make the same sort of distinctions here. I'd also like a food-diary-only notes page where I can keep track of carbs per meal and what I've been eating.
Wishlist for the lazy journal keeper aside, knowledge is power and Diametic helps you record and track that power in the palm of your hand. More than worth the price.

Nice app  rating of Diamedic
By: Coosaw2004 - Dec 1, 2008
Version: 2.0.0
Overall, this is a nice app. I especially like the fact that you can go back and edit previous entries. It's easy to navigate around and fairly easy to input data. I would love to see the med/insulin list be customized to allow you to remove stuff you don't use. Also, if I could export my data in flat text or a CSV, that would be very helpful when sharing log data with my Endo. Well worth the $$ IMHO.

Good, not great  rating of Diamedic
By: PKND89 - Sep 19, 2008
Version: 1.5.0
I like this app a lot. The ability to email myself, or email the info to my doctor is wonderful. The biggest problem I have, is if your iPhone back up is corrupt, and you can't restore from it, you lose all the data you've entered, and if you want it back, you need to enter it all manually again, taking the readings from the glucose meter. What I would LOVE to see, is the ability to import the text from the email it exports BACK into the program. Basically using it's own export, to import again in case of data loss. I give it 4 stars, only because of the date bug. Please fix this!

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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