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Last changed: Nov 12, 2009


Category: Lifestyle
Rating: rating 8(19943)
Version: 1.1
Size: 8.6 MB

Price:  Free 


Finally, the official iPhone application from Starbucks! Want to find a store that’s open, with a drive through? Now you can do that and more with myStarbucks. Explore our whole bean coffees, find nutrition information, and build your own perfect drinks. Want to share? You can send your drink to friends by email, SMS, or directly to their iPhone or iPod® touch.
• Store Locator: Display the closest stores, directions, store hours and amenities—find stores with a drive through, oven warmed food, and more!
• Drink Builder: Create and share your perfect Starbucks® beverages
• Food Menu: Browse the menu and see detailed nutritional info and ingredients
• Coffee Menu: Explore every Starbucks® whole bean coffee
• myStarbucks: Save all of your favorites for quick recall and sharing
Based on your feedback, in version 1.1 we've added dozens of features including integration with Facebook and Twitter.
We still want to hear from you! Go to www.mystarbucksidea.com to contribute your opinion on what Starbucks should do next.
Would you like to keep track of your Starbucks Card balance on the go? Download the Starbucks Card Mobile app on the App Store. Just use the “Other Apps” link below.

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Finally!!!  rating of myStarbucks
By: SbuxMama -
I've been wondering when SBUX was going to come out with something like these two new apps. They work great. Super usable and super useful. Elegant, well designed. Being able to reload right on the phone and pay by scanning my iPhone is just plain cool. I just wish the two apps were together in one. Other than that, it's like falling in love with Starbucks for the first time in 1993 all over again.

Really cool app!!  rating of myStarbucks
By: RickyD23 -
Great, so fun to make my drinks customized. It tells u how to say the drink at the bottom too for when u order I guess! Mine is a mouthful though. Love that it has ingredient lists and nutritional info about everything. Very interesting to see what's good! One thing that might make it the one stop spot? A link or a way to shop at Starbucks.com store to order things. If u could order from this app too it would be the extreme ultimate mamma-jamma!!

Fabulous!!  rating of myStarbucks
By: Mom Caroline -
The perfect app for the perfect coffee!! Let's me set up my own drinks, drinks of my friends, my favorite types of coffee, tag my favorite Starbucks, etc., etc., plus I can send my husband the drink I wanted when he gets to Starbucks and forgets what I told him I wanted :D
Gives you lots of info on the Starbucks, e.g. whether it's open, amenities offered, hours, whether it has a drive-through, and lots more. Must have for anyone who loves (or even likes) Starbucks!!

NO orders to store  rating of myStarbucks
By: Barista02030104 -
I think this app is great, but in response to those requesting that their order be sent straight to the store...i am a partner at starbucks and we don't have access to email or anything like that so i don't know how we would get the orders. and this leaves a lot of room for pranksters, wrong orders, and leaves those without iphones or ipod touches at a disadvantage because they may have to wait even if they ordered their drink first.

MyStarbucks  rating of myStarbucks
By: Rubbadubdub -
Let's face it, this Is a great app. But there's always room for improvement.• whenever you open the drinks section, it shows the most previous drink I've created. Please fix it so it starts over each time.• when you add something to your custom drink, the changes should be incorperated into the visual. If I add sprinkles, it shows sprinks on the picture.• instead of tapping it, you should slide the cup around to see the marks on it.• nutrition facts for ALL of the drinks.• if discriptions are to long for a custom drink, they should be scrollable.• you should change the size while you are editing the drink, not before as a seperate step.• when you are deciding who the drink is by, there should be 2 options- me or other. If you choose the me button then it is by you, but if you choose the other button then it brings you to your contacts.• change between map or hybrid map.• when you choose explore in cofee, you can only choose one category. Combine categories so let's say if you choose intence, but you also want it caremelly. The categories you now cant choose fade out and then I choose caremel.

Great for info  rating of myStarbucks
By: BeatJunkie247 -
I think this is a fantastic app! I am a partner at Starbucks & I think it's very useful for customers to learn the drinks & say their drink name to the Barista. (I know, sometimes it's a lot of words, but we want to make your drink right!) I also love the recommendations of what pastry goes with what coffee. As for the map, it uses Google Maps & I checked the stores around me & they are all correct with the warmers, hours & locations. I guess it depends on the area & if Google is updated or not. So, if you are a Starbucks fan, by all means, download this app!

Impressive functions  rating of myStarbucks
By: my2002cali -
I was excited to download this app because I often find myself wondering where the nearest starbucks is when I'm visiting other cities and now I have an app that will even tell me if they're open at 2am. Some ideas for future updates might be a search feature to find a store by available hours, store amenities etc., a compare feature so that I can compare ingredients/nutrition info for 2 or more drinks, a quick update button to Twitter or facebook so that I can share which starbucks I'm at and/or what I'm drinking.

Amazing App!  rating of myStarbucks
By: Anima82 -
I am an avid Starbucks drinker and I'll admit to it, a bit if a coffee snob, but the app is really neat! I don't really use the Store Locater simply because I just know where the stores around me are. However, if I'm bored I'll look at drinks and what I can add or what coffees and food stuffs I like or would like, overall just a really cool and somewhat fun app to fool around with for Starbucks fans!

Great App, Great Company  rating of myStarbucks
By: BeatsBeatsBeats -
Turboturkk is spreading a FALSE rumor that has been debunked for years. See Snopes.com for more information. Starbucks is a wonderful corporate citizen and their continuing success attests to the quality of their products.I am actually happy to see conservatives downrating popular apps for petty and often false reasons. Hopefully the more obnoxiously they act here the more the general public, who may have little or no interest in political discourse, will realize that people like this have no business running (and wrecking) our country.

just fabulous..  rating of myStarbucks
By: tontonwonwon -
this app has proved to be really usefulwhen I'm craving for a late night coffee & cannot find a starbucks or doesn't know what time it closes, this app clarifies it.@Misterkenin actuality, the "fantasy" drink that we make in this app is actually real. I was curious and tried it out by asking the starbucks that I go to to make it for me if they could. they were perplexed at first & asked me in a playful tone how I got these recipe but they still made it for me and it tasted great!!how fun :] you should try making one of your "fantasy" drinks once

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Perfect for people who love starbucks  rating of myStarbucks
By: nicoleyvonne19 -
I work at starbucks in my hometown and I can't tell you how many times I've had to help people figure out their drinks because they either don't get the lingo or they have never been to a starbucks before. This app is perfect to help people figure out how to order their drink and how to know exactly what is in it. And for those people who want to know the calories it's also a very handy app for that. Starbucks app ftw!

Love the app  rating of myStarbucks
By: Curtis13 -
I find the app usefull because it shows the store hours and on the maps it tells you if it is open still or closed already. One problem is the trop and decateur store is mostly 24 hours but it closes Sunday night/ Monday morning from 1-4 am. i work for starbucks and I use this app a lot for calling other stores. It's much easier to tap the number then go in te back room and find the sheet with hundreds of random stores and phone numbers

Impressed and Comprehensive  rating of myStarbucks
By: Product girl -
Thanks Starbucks, you thought of everything. I appreciate knowing if a store is a drive through or one with an oven. I have saves all my kids teacher, coaches, friends parents drinks so I can surprise them occasionally. Nice touch. Love learning more about coffee beans at my leisure and inclusive of photos! I wish you would add tea info. All in all, such s great app-thanks for making it comprehensive and user-friendly.

Great for the newbie and the regular  rating of myStarbucks
By: Bøøkwørm -
First off I need to say I am biased because I work at Starbucks as a Barista. I just started though, and learning how many pumps of Vanilla go into a Caramel Macchiatto is really cool to see in an app. You can customize your drink to your liking, and just read it out at the store. If I had this a few years ago I know I would've gotten more utility and not felt so bewildered by the menu. The hours of operation are correct, the closest stores are also correct. But that's only where I live, so not sure if that will be the case in your area. You can even explore the type of coffee best for you by its characteristics. I don't know why some are having issues with this app, for all it's worth it works and does as advertised. If you have trouble with the definitions of some of the customizations to your drink, don't be afraid to ask your local barista! An upside down drink consists of the shots of espresso, which usually sit on top of the milk, be put in first instead and changes the complexity of the taste of a drink. Give it a try and you may like it.

Pretty good. But....  rating of myStarbucks
By: Sincereleo78 -
This is a great app for keeping track of those "complex" drink recipes. And, being a Starbucks partner of 6 years, my drink is "complex". Nice to know we can have this tool in hand when we visit another location, to help with our drink building recipes. And yes there are bugs with the app. Store hours are incorrect for some locations, and I've noticed that my iced black tea with 2 shots of regular espresso has NO caffeine! Hmm?

WTF!?!  rating of myStarbucks
By: salsa shark - Nov 13, 2009
Version: 1.0.1
Great App, only 2 things wrong. One: when your in landscape view for the food, it is way too touchy. Two: idk if this is happening just too me, but I downloaded the app (v1.1) and it downloaded fine, I went back too iTunes and found it back on updates, still v1.1. WTF!?! I tried again but It popped up on iTunes again. When I opened it, in the bottom right it said v1.1, all the new things are there, but it keeps popping up in iTunes. This is all on my iPod touch 8gb 2nd generation.

As a starbucks employee...  rating of myStarbucks
By: i.am.melanie - Nov 8, 2009
Version: 1.0.1
I think this app is pretty awesome. It's a great way for people to understand exactly how their drinks are being made, stores located around them, foods being offered, and to learn about all the whole bean coffees.I have just a few recommendations:(1) The seasonal coffees should definately be listed! (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gazebo) As well as the new VIA ready brew. They are such amazing coffees that some people don't know about. It would be a great way to keep people aware of coffees that are only temporarily available.(2) Also, there are a few of the stores hours that are incorrect or locations that are no longer open.Otherwise, a great app! I enjoy it. Also, a great tool to teach new employees our drink reciepes and to learn about each coffee!!

Give me some Notes please  rating of myStarbucks
By: qmarsha - Nov 7, 2009
Version: 1.0.1
It would be a huge help in My Stores Amenities if a Notes or Details box were added so I could add various info such as which exit to take off the freeway, expressway, interstate, if this store is in a strip mall, on a corner,... This might sound weird but when I'm on the road in an unknown area or region finding a Starbucks is most important and often most difficult. This is a great app and I really like that, unlike most other coffee apps, I can map out Starbucks stores down the road - I admit it, when I'm looking for a Starbucks it is often early and before my most fave Starbucks is open, so I REALLY want to know where and when I can stop.

Worth getting - Good info about drinks  rating of myStarbucks
By: anatheoro -
This app is really good when it comes to understanding the drinks and drink options. I have discovered drinks that I never knew existed as well as different ways I can have drinks made. I also like how I can get all the information about a Starbucks, from the hours, to whether or not they have a drive thru, wireless, etc. I agree that there is are some things missing, and that it kind of seems pointless to have separate app for the Starbucks card balance and drink ordering. All that aside for a "version 1.0" of this app, its definitely worth getting.

I really enjoyed this app  rating of myStarbucks
By: Krauseanator -
Me and my wife go to Starbucks alot and we have our set of drinks that we always get. Just recently she wanted to try something new. This app was perfect for just that purpose. I really like the interface alot and I love the ablity to make drinks and save them to "your favorites" and tag them with a name. Now when my wife asks me to get her new usual, there it is completly typed out with even the codes that they write on the sides of the cups. With what I feel are only minor bugs that need to be worked out I think this is a very solid app. Thanks Starbucks

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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