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Last changed: Nov 17, 2009


Category: Lifestyle
HomepageOcado Ltd
Rating: rating 6(5449)
Version: 1.300
Size: 1.7 MB

Price:  Free 


Ocado on the Go
Ocado is a leading UK online supermarket that delivers world-class groceries and award-winning service straight into your kitchen. We price match Tesco* on branded goods and offer exclusive Internet Only Prices** on Waitrose ‘own-label’ groceries.
With Ocado on the Go, you can use your mobile device to browse through thousands of household groceries, then place your order for delivery in a handy one-hour time slot. It’s quite simply the most convenient way to shop for groceries on the move.
PLEASE NOTE: Delivery service operates in selected areas of England and Wales – please visit Ocado.com to confirm delivery to your chosen postcode.
• An entire supermarket at your fingertips. Shop for everything from food and drink to homeware, books, toys and much more.
• Shop for groceries on the move. Place a brand new order or just add an item you’ve forgotten to your next order.
• Works in complete harmony with Ocado.com. Seamless syncing means you can start an order on one and complete it on the other.
• Get your next order started in a flash. Use Your Instant Shop to create a typical order for you, based on your previous deliveries.
• Shop even if you’re offline. Our catalogue of over 18,000 products is stored on your phone, so you can keep shopping even if you go through a tunnel. As soon as your Internet connection returns, your order will update automatically.
• Same day ordering. Place an order for same day delivery while commuting to work. (Not available in all areas.)
• Shop from your kitchen (or wherever you like). Check your cupboards and fridge as you shop, so you’ll never run out of eggs or buy a duplicate jar of mixed herbs by mistake.
Operating requirements:
– Registration at Ocado.com
- Delivery service operates in selected areas of England and Wales – please visit Ocado.com to confirm delivery to your chosen postcode.
* Each week we compare and price match branded goods with Tesco. Price match applies to standard retail price of identical products only and excludes temporary promotions. Please see Terms & Conditions at Ocado.com for full details.
** An ‘Internet-only Price’ applies only to Waitrose own-label products, and means that the price of that item is lower than the retail price of the identical item sold in Waitrose shops which provide the Waitrose Deliver service, including items on promotion (but excluding temporary, end-of-life in-store markdowns). Catchweight items, which are items that are charged per unit of weight and have their price printed on them (such as certain meats and deli items) are also excluded. We check prices daily but there could be up to a one day delay between prices being checked and them appearing on our website. Delivery charges, which range from being free to £5.99 depending on which delivery slot is selected, apply as normal. Please see Terms & Conditions at Ocado.com for full details.

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Great customer service  rating of Ocado
By: CabbagePatchDoll - 07-Jul-2009
Version: 1.0
I too had a problem with the initial catalogue download. Ocado noticed I was having problems and emailed me the solution. It was because my time format on the iphone was set to 12 hour mode and this is a bug they were aware of are going to fix in the next release. I changed my clock to 24 mode and bingo, everything downloaded and now I'm up and running. Nice piece of customer service. Thanks Ocado.

Wow - what an amazing app  rating of Ocado
By: Suzekent - 10-Jul-2009
Version: 1.0
I've just placed my first order using the Ocado App. It's very intuitive to use and you can easily find what you've bought before. It's going to be so helpful for me as a working mum as I'll be able to do my shop on the train, or add to it whenever I think of it, rather than waiting till I'm near a computer. What a fantastic piece of new technology. Well done Ocado. Another great customer innovation.

Just great!  rating of Ocado
By: Sparten85 - 11-Jul-2009
Version: 1.0
Could online shopping be any beter. I'd done a little in the past but got bord of endless clicking and searching for the simplest of things. Love it! With this being on my phone I can build my shopping list up through out the week and then place an order when my stocks are getting low. Best ap I own! Looking forward to updates, but like i said its already there so updates making it better will be great too. Thank you

Very useful - real time saver  rating of Ocado
By: Z1pper - 12-Jul-2009
Version: 1.0
Downloaded this and submitted my first order straight away. Very easy to use and sure to be a real time saver when doing those train journeys to work. Would be good if it automatically put an entry in your diary when you book a delivery slot. The only problem I had (minor) was at the end when it told me there were 3 items not in stock. When I hit the view alternative button there were no alternatives even though one was a hair conditioner - surely there were alternative conditioners and given my order wasn't due for 5 days it would be good if the system kept those items 'in mind' because surely they'd be in stock within 5 days. If not an email offering me alternatives 2 days before delivery would be ideal. Perhaps in a future release guys. Great app though. Definite 5 stars for this first version. Well done.

Great App  rating of Ocado
By: briancastle - 17-Jul-2009
Version: 1.1
Fantastic App. I've been shopping with Ocado for over a year now and I'd give them 9/10 heading for a 10This app works well but you MUST do a reboot after you install it, before you do anything else. My first installation was nothing but problems so I deleted it, reinstalled it and rebooted my iPhone. It's worked great ever since. I hope the update I just installed improves the tiny issues I have (like speed) but otherwise WELL DONE!Brian Castle

5 Stars... Seriosly!!  rating of Ocado
By: Battle pro - 17-Jul-2009
Version: 1.1
Ever heard of a life changing app?? Me neither, but BELIEVE me this is!! I thought Ocado was a Waitrose delivery service and therefore the posh (read expensive) way to shop, however... Ocado is only affiliated (or something) with Waitrose, so although it offers Waitrose products, some actually cheaper than the Waitrose store itself!?it also price matches Tesco so I'm actuly saving money and getting FAR better products at the same time. Ever thought 'I've run out of toilet roll/eggs/squash (whatever) I must rember to add that to the shopping list'... Then completely forgotten? Well get this FREE app and enter it as you go, once you get to the end of the week, make your order, sit back and wait for the delivery (oh and your free copy of the Times along with money off vouchers for your next order - Just got a free bottle of wine!). You might think I work for them arfter Reading this - I don't! Seriously... GET THIS AP!!!!!

better than their website  rating of Ocado
By: Sandlines - 22-Jul-2009
Version: 1.1
I've been using Ocado for a while and this app is a guaranteed time/hassle-saver for me. I did my weekly shop in 10 mins today, on the train to work. Ignore the low score in the headlines, as it's ridiculous to mark the app down for not being in the right geographic location. If you're in the Ocado catchment area (basically London/M25) then you're about to revolutionise your online grocery shopping experience.

Got to be the most time saving App!  rating of Ocado
By: YD3D - 22-Jul-2009
Version: 1.1
Not just for use around London! I live near Manchester and have tried most of the online supermarkets, and I'm still using Ocado...This App has saved me so much time, and is simple to use... If you hate spending time in the supermarket, then this is for you!Actually, no... It's a rubbish App, very difficult to work, lots of hassle, best off if you stick to spending 2 hours of your time bashing trollies with everyone else (except me!) move along please... Nothing to see here...

What a handy app!  rating of Ocado
By: Matthew Watt - 25-Jul-2009
Version: 1.1
This is a great app and is clearly aimed at Ocado customers to give them a way of planning a shop without a computer, it's also the first 'true' shopping app, which makes it even more special. Reading the other reviews a lot of people don't seem to get it, Ocado are an online supermarket, not to be compared with your local tesco. You need an account so it can put your shop into a basket and you can buy it. As for price and range, Ocado price match with Tesco on most products, better price some of the waitrose products (they are not part of waitrose, they use the same suppliers) and finally, to my understanding they stock a much larger range than waitrose, with many products sourced from other suppliers. I have been a customer for 2 years and the service has been fantastic, this app makes shopping even easier! Keep up the good work Ocado!

Great app  rating of Ocado
By: Misty Moodles - 25-Jul-2009
Version: 1.1
This is convenience in a nutshell. If you already use Ocado you'll love this. I wouldn't necessarily use for a whole weekly shop - your laptop would be faster but for adding things to your shopping as you go or just after you've shut your laptop down or simply when you remember something you need in the middle of the night moments this is great. App works well and everytime for me on an iPod touch on wifi.

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Great app  rating of Ocado
By: MPA200K - 27-Jul-2009
Version: 1.1
Always enjoyed shopping with Ocado great food and amazing service... Now with price match good prices too. I found it hard to organise myself enough to get the order ready on time now I put a basic order in the system and update where and when I want brill!! Very easy to navigate, great pin code idea, and the fact it syncs with you online order means my wife can change it as well (usual to delete my treats) overall very satisfying and a real bonus if you already use Ocado Get it it's Free!!!

Good, could be better  rating of Ocado
By: skipstream - 07-Aug-2009
Version: 1.2
I have used Ocado for years and always appreciated their punctuality and lack of "replacements" compared to Tesco or Sainsbury online services The iPhone app is very good on the whole and I've not suffered scrolling problems or anything like that. The other day I was flying back from Florida and prepared my shopping basket on the plane. As soon as I landed I connected to the Internet, booked a delivery and it arrived 24 hours later. Must Have Improvement for Me though is the ability to browse by previously purchases AND by category. You can do this online. This means you can walk down each aisle but only see items you've bought before. Overall, very good, just needs improvements in functionality to meet normal online experience.

Fantastic   rating of Ocado
By: Rubens99 - 19-Jul-2009
Version: 1.1
Used for the frist time. Ordering was very easy and quick with a great choice of products. The delivery driver welcomed us to Ocado and explained the service, then brought our order to the door. The whole shopping experience was way better than we expected, to that end we will be using Ocado again in the future.To those who are complaining about this app, you are ordering your shopping on a phone! Seems people forget that only a few years ago driving to the supermarket and spending an hour walking round the place was the only way to get your weekly big shop!! 

Perfect  rating of Ocado
By: Sterney - 21-Aug-2009
Version: 1.2
This is a brilliant app, it's easy to use and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into it. It makes grocery shopping an absolute cinch. I can rummage around in cupboards and my fridge with my iPhone in hand and get all my shopping done in about 5 mins. It's great if I'm busy at work, I can quickly get essentials while I have a few mins spare. Once you have used ocado a few times and built up a list of regular items its even easier. I use Ocado all the time now, I haven't set foot in a supermarket for weeks. Waitrose is a great store that sells regular stuff at reasonable prices and also luxury stuff that you won't find in other stores. You also get reminder texts so you don't forget your delivery time. Ace.

Transform the way you shop!!!!!  rating of Ocado
By: Ftcjtxkvdc - 13-Sep-2009
Version: 1.201
Wow what an app. I did my full shop in no time while watching tv down stairs with the kids. You get your usual shopping list all in one view-view all so you can quickly scroll down and pick what you want. You can even change the size of the pictures if the food quickly. There is just about nothing wrong with this app but I would like to be able to enter discount voucher codes. I found shopping on this app easier and faster than using their web site! And their web site is great too... If you have never shop online or with this app you will have to take a while to build up your initial shopping list over a week or two or three. Then after that you shopping will be super fast. Best of all you can shop where ever you are. Waiting in a queue for a bus fir 1o mins...? ' Time to do the food shopping.'10/10 for this app.

Great shopping  rating of Ocado
By: loveiphone - 24-Sep-2009
Version: 1.201
Love this appFood shop will never be the same but the price of goods need to come down that way you would get loads of people shopping with you great app my shop is coming x Just an update the food came and I must say all the meats I bought are great so are the vegAnd the prices are not so bad I matched them with my local Budgens Store and you guys were cheaper on most things  stars 

Excellent!  rating of Ocado
By: S1mplesimon - 26-Sep-2009
Version: 1.201
I've used this app now about 6 times since July. Some items are a little more expensive than say Asda but I'm freeing up 2 hours of my time a week at least not standing in a busy supermarket. The fresh produce does seem better quality than some of your cheaper shops. The delivery people are very courteous and turn up at the time chosen. The phone helpline can't be more helpful if you have any problems too. Well done Ocado

What a time saver!!!  rating of Ocado
By: NaturalLight - 27-Sep-2009
Version: 1.201
Like another reviewer I have been Internet grocery shopping for years as I cannot stand supermarkets especially with my 4 yr old.Just done my first shop using the app in only 10mins. I am sure like other Internet shoppers, the weekly shop only changes slightly from week to week, so the recent order function makes it so easy to order quickly and without having to fire up the laptop!Definitely the best app on my iPhone!!!

Revolutionised my down time!  rating of Ocado
By: Kitty Big Paws - 28-Sep-2009
Version: 1.201
Brillaint! Used this for the first time over the weekend when I was too jet lagged to get my shopping in and lug it up three flights of stairs. Quick, easy, efficient, great choice, great quality, friendly and helpful staff. Worth every penny of the delivery charge. Offers are displayed well helping you to keep to a budget. Delivery times fit in perfectly with my busy life. Added bonus, I can sort my food shopping chore whilst on the tube without a signal, brilliant, saves me so much time and utilises my down time. Can't fault this app.

One Happy Customer  rating of Ocado
By: Marco234 - 29-Sep-2009
Version: 1.201
Ocado state that they wish to make supermarket shopping enjoyable rather than the drudge it usually is. This app goes a long way to achieving that. It is smooth in operation, has decently priced items (Waitrose are not aiming at the cheapest Market segment though remember), easy to use, and an excellent intro to the high service ethic of Ocado. So nice to be able to add items to your basket 'on the fly', and it saves it all, ready for when you want to place your order. For me it succeeds in making shopping easier, and enjoyable: but then I like fiddling about with my iPhone!

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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