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iPhoneAppsPlus->Navigation->Geopher Lite

Geopher Lite

Geopher Lite

Last changed: Version: 1.1

Geopher Lite

Category: Navigation
Homepagetone Software
Rating: rating 6(537)
Version: Jeremy

Price:  $0.99 


Geopher Lite is a while-you-are-out geocaching application. Quickly check your current location via geocaching.com for geocaches in your area with the search button. Then type in a target latitude and longitude and let Geopher Lite's directional arrow lead the way to your destination.
With 4 different looks to the compass screen, in-app google map views, and the ease of entering coordinates without swapping applications, Geopher Lite is the best budget geocaching app on the app store!
Visit our blog at geopherlite.blogspot.com and let us know what you'd like next for Geopher Lite!
3G/3GS iPhone recommended.
Note: Choose help in the application itself if you are having difficulty using the application. Please send feedback, questions or concerns to geopherdemo@gmail.com

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Nice light weight app  rating of Geopher Lite
By: Voodoobrew - Jan 14, 2009
Version: 1.0.6
I spent a few Days looking at all my diffrent choices on the iphone wondering how I could simplify my geocaching. Honestly all I realy wanted was to be able to cut and paste the coords from geocaching.com to google maps. One thing you can't see in the screenshots is from the browser page you can open google maps to the coords you just entered (navigating the geocaching.com map in safari is a pain). Yes, a shame you have to type them in yourself but due to limatitations from the iphone and geochaching.com I dont see a simpler way to achieve this. Yes the web page is tiny, but as in safari you simply zoom in. Worth every penny.

Great app and a no-brainer for the price!  rating of Geopher Lite
By: MNCacher - Oct 21, 2008
Version: 1.0.5
I love that we can go geocaching "on the fly", which is usually how we decide we're going. The app updates since I originally bought it have been really, really great. It updates more often than before (and seemed more than sufficient the last few times we've been out), it feels less cumbersome to choose caches and enter their coordinates, love being able to see the distances in yards/feet, etc. Obviously, it'd be great to not have to enter the coordinates, but I can see why that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon. Giving it five stars for a great job with price, updates, and features. Keep up the great work and looking forward to other updates! Love it!

***The right app for a fun sport!  rating of Geopher Lite
By: jacobdub - Sep 24, 2008
Version: 1.0.5
I decided to give this app a chance, and boy, I am glad I did! I launched it in yesterday on the way back home to Riverside from Comic Con in San diego. Was able to find a cache in a strange town along the way using only my iPhone, so that should be proof enough that it works. The window that opens at the bottom is indeed small, but it is just like any other window on an iPhone- it is clickable and spreadable to enlarge, so I had no problem reading the coordinates to enter into the split screen above.
By the way, I have already invested in a car phone charger for my iPhone- got a package deal at Target for about $30 so i'd have a car charger and extra wall charger at work -the iPhone gobble up the batteries no matter what app you are using.
Thanks for this handy application!

Very handy  rating of Geopher Lite
By: The_Good_Names_are_Always_Taken - Sep 14, 2008
Version: 1.0.5
This is much more useful than using Safari. It will find the nearest geocaches wherever you are. If you have any spare time and get the itch, you'll always have know where to look.
I used this for my first geocache. There was one about 300ft from my living room. This app took me right to it with no problem (well, some problem getting my exact location, but that was the iPhone's fault, not the app's. As long as you're not near a lot of buildings, the GPS works great on iPhone).
I definitely recommend this app. Even if you use a different GPS device, this is priceless for finding geocaches and it has a very attractive UI too.

cool app!  rating of Geopher Lite
By: ImageMangler - Sep 13, 2008
Version: 1.0.5
Bravo to the developer for this, and entering me into the world of Geocaching. The only thing that would remove one star from this is the compass, it's not exactly helpful and not everyone knows which way north is. Get the compass to work somehow and this would be six stars, if possible. No fault of the app, the iPhone sometimes appears off a little, or like it takes awhile to tell you your coordinates. Makes me realize why there's no turn-by-turn application for the iPhone yet. Somewhere too there's a review online of this app saying you wouldn't want to take your iPhone into the woods or something ridiculous. Three of the caches I've seeked were in the deep woods, granted I have a rubber case for the iPhone, but it's probably as durable as the average consumer GPS, just with one heckuva lot more functionality.

Works great!  rating of Geopher Lite
By: Brutascacher - Aug 27, 2008
Version: 1.0.4
The dream of paperless spontaneous caching is really here! I hate to think of all the time and paper wasted preparing for new searches. This application works every time. I've found many caches with it. Side by side with my Garmin, I would say it is almost as accurate, and a bit slower to update. Thats pretty good for a software app in a phone compared to a dedicated $250.00 device. This is just a lite version, for $1.99! It is not perfect, the developer listens, he provides updates as soon as possible, and was the "first one on the block" with a usable geocaching app. I can't wait to buy the full version.

Very handy little app  rating of Geopher Lite
By: MrFishK - Aug 23, 2008
Version: 1.0.4
Tried out this app this morning... found 3 caches as I was out doing some errands.
It won't replace my Garmin, but it is perfect when you've got a little time and want to see what's in the area. Paired up with a small $5 key chain compass, I had no difficulty getting the iPhone pointed North so the arrow lead me right to the caches. May just be the BEST $1.99 I have ever spent.
There is still room for improvement many enhancements, so I do hope the app gets an update, but it will stay on my iPhone.

Makes For a Fun Time  rating of Geopher Lite
By: Its MY! iPhone - Aug 21, 2008
Version: 1.0.4
This is a great app for geocaching that is definitely headed in the right direction and works as advertised. I'm new to geocaching and this app has helped me have a fun introduction. The problems I've had with the app in the past were all due to user error, like entering the wrong location resulting in the arrow not updating, which has been solved by helping you enter the beginning of the right coordinates. Other limitations are due to the GPS in the phone not being quite as accurate as I had thought. This has been solved by showing you the accuracy in the finder screen so you know how far to look around for the cache. Another user error problem I had was not checking the "Remember me" checkbox on the geocaching.com web site. I'd definitely recommend the app for geocaching on the run.

Works as Advertised  rating of Geopher Lite
By: Dr Waggis - Aug 15, 2008
Version: 1.0.6
I have been using Geopher since it first came out. I am new to geocaching, so I have nothing to compare it to, however, if I wanted to write a geocaching app for the iPhone, it would probably be like this. I'm kind of surprised by the negative reviews. This app has done a WONDERFUL job helping me find caches and getting started. Here's how it works; when you open the app and hit target, the app sends your current location to geocaching.com and finds all of the caches around you. When you find one you like, you type in the coordinates (if you don't like to type, please contact geocaching.com and ask them to allow the app to pull them automatically). Once your coordinates are set, you go back to the target screen. The arrow points you towards your cache and tells you the distance from your current coordinates. The most troublesome thing is that iPhone 2.0 won't allow the functionality to make a true GPS compass, so, you'll have to keep north on the compass pointing towards north for your direction. This is a fault of 2.0, not the app. Once you find your cache, you can go right back to geocaching.com and log in your find, and find another cache to hunt for. This app allows you to geocache anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection. You don't have to plan out where you want to go, if you change your plans, you can still geocache, and you only need to take one device with you. Isn't that why you bought the iPhone? As far as accuracy goes, it is dead-on accurate. For every cache I have hunted, Geopher has taken me within FEET of the actual location. This is quite possible the best app in the App Store, bar none. And the best part, you can go to the developer's blog page and give him feedback on what you would like to see improved. Believe it or not, he actually listens.

Bought yesterday - found two geocaches today  rating of Geopher Lite
By: MJM2050 - 27-Jun-2009
Version: 1.0.6
This is a nice simple app. Was able to find 2 caches today with no problems. Would be nice to be able to store the coords for several caches in a favourites in case you lose the data connection whilst geocaching away from a town/city. Any plans to make use of the new compass technology in the 3GS in future updates? Also, what is the significance of the "GPS Always On" setting in preferences?

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Simple app, works very well  rating of Geopher Lite
By: TaborTooth - 17-Oct-2008
Version: 1.0.5
I bought this so my iPhone could act as an accompaniment to my regular GPSr. When my Garmin's batteries failed, and I realised the spares I had taken were also dead, the Geopher-equipped iPhone stepped up and performed brilliantly. I did an entire 6-mile multi-stage cache using only my phone, and this app made it easy.
It does take a little getting used to, and switching on compass rotation in the settings is essential, but apart from that it's great. Looking forward to the next version.
I've just been alerted about the official Geocaching app, but some of the concerns in the reviews already written have put me off for now. Geopher already does some of the things that the official app can't at the moment (and, at the time of writing, it only costs a fifth of the price). I'm pleased to see competition between the apps - it should result in better products all round - but I'll be sticking with Geopher for now.

Great app, and new features coming...  rating of Geopher Lite
By: Marky P - 19-Aug-2008
Version: 1.0.4
I picked up this app last week, within a few days the new version had come out and the developer had fixed several issues people had mentioned. I've used it for 6 caches now and found them all, even under tree's i've not had that much trouble. Sure sometimes the +/- is quite high, but a quick walk around can fix that. I love being able to pull up the geocaching site anywhere and see what's nearby. Thanks for the app and keep up the good work.

Locked on target  rating of Geopher Lite
By: MissJessicaD - Mar 8, 2009
Version: 1.0.6
I started Geocaching using just the website and writing down coordinates before I left the house, which was fine but it was slow and hard to reference once out in the field. I now solely use Geopher on my iPhone 3G for caching. There are many ways to hunt a cache and if you have a GPS capable phone I highly suggest an app. As it opens and you choose new search it will find everything near your current location so I can be anywhere and know all of the caches near me within two clicks. If I go out for a day of Geocaching with friends I rely on my iPhone and find caches just as quickly as their GPS devices.

I use it all the time  rating of Geopher Lite
By: ajstan - Oct 24, 2008
Version: 1.0.6
I use this Geocaching app almost every day. It works great. It sends your location to the Geocaching.com site and displays the site from within the app. Once you pick a cache, you have to manually enter the coordinates into the app but it is very easy to do. You can use the compass feature or click the map button and it sends the coordinates to Google Maps app for you. If you want to log a find it sends you to the correct page on the Geocaching.com site in Safari.

Keeps getting better!  rating of Geopher Lite
By: derschlings - Sep 27, 2008
Version: 1.0.5
This is a great little app. Just being able to have an app that lists the caches closest to my current location is worth the price of admission! The authors are certainly listening to what we want in a geocaching app. I've found it great at finding caches close to where I am. Inputting the coords isn't nearly as much hassle as I thought it would be. Nice to be able to log the find from the app. Would be nice if it would take us directly to the log page without having to enter the waypoint first.... just let us log the current target. Once I've found the closest cache that I want to go after, I simply click on the googlemaps link toward the bottom of the cache page and use the sat view. It's gotten me to within 10 feet of the cache every time.

Great app  rating of Geopher Lite
By: connada123 - Sep 3, 2008
Version: 1.0.4
I don't geocache often, but I thought I would check this app out as it was only $2. It's great! I easily found two caches next to my house in a matter of minutes. I think I just might start geocaching a little bit more now that I can do it so easily with just my phone. I also checked out the developers blog, seems like some updates are on the way, and he's addressing some of the concerns people have stated. Some of the concerns don't seem to be in the developers hands, he's limited by the policies of geocaching.com and apple. Overall I'm very please with this app and feel I got a great deal for my money.

Love where this is going!  rating of Geopher Lite
By: TuxedoKMax - Aug 20, 2008
Version: 1.0.4
This is the first review I have written for an app for the iPhone. I'm doing it after reading the developer's blog, in greedy anticipation of future updates. I have been geocaching for a little over a year now and this hobby was one of my main reasons for purchasing an iPhone. This app is a very usable implementation of an all-in-one geocaching solution. Yes, of course there are things that can be made better about it (the rotational compass was first on my list until I found out how to test the beta version of this feature). It will be an excellent improvement once it is fully working. All that being said, I would almost recommend that the developer focus more on finalizing the full version rather than continuing to update the lite. I am a web designer and realize the frustration you must be experiencing dealing with both Groundspeak and the App Store's hurdles and hoops. Anything that those of us who love your app can do to help (petitioning Groundspeak comes to mind) just Ley us know. Great job though!

Usable app, with lots of potential.  rating of Geopher Lite
By: Hungry_Man - Aug 18, 2008
Version: 1.0.4
Since this app has been updated and remodeled, I thought it would only be right to update my review.
Many of the reviews here are based on previous versions of this app. Apparently, that version was submitted in the turmoil of concerns/complaints from groundspeak (the owners of geocaching.com) and apple.
I think that the developer has gone above and beyond to report the status of upcoming releases, as well as the situation with groundspeak concerning data access. The features that we ultimately desire from this app will be difficult without groundspeak allowing full site access.
The latest version at this time is 1.0.4 It is very usable. Many of the issues that other reviews mention here have been addressed. The only function that I would desire is a rotating compass, so that the arrow points to the geocache. Right now that feature is in testing with a special keyword. With the future apple iPhone 2.1 update I would expect the compass function to be available with some programming changes, but this is pure speculation. Right now the rotating compass is usable, just not a smooth as other standalone GPS units.
Currently this app does fill a gap. It provides me with the ability to go geocaching on a whim, providing there is cell signal.
This app is beginning to be a polished diamond in the rough . . .

Great app!  rating of Geopher Lite
By: Will Easton - Aug 5, 2008
Version: 1.0.3
This is one great app! I go caching with my buddies a lot and have wanted to get one of those expensive gps systems for myself, but now I have one for a couple bucks that has specific caching features! Awesome. I've read your weblog and I see you are trying to add a north finding compass. I don't think the iPhone has that ability (yet), but an easy fix would be adding a sun compass feature, like on "compass free." It works well, but it needs northern vs southern hemisphere support, as well as daylight savings support (here in California, it thinks the sun should be an hour off from where it is). Another cool feature I'd like to see is a built in map that shows the target, terrain, and a bread-crumb trail to show progress. Great work! Keep it up!

First time geocaching  rating of Geopher Lite
By: osterlure - Aug 5, 2008
Version: 1.0.3
We down loaded this this past weekend because my 7 year old read about geocacing in Ranger Rick and wanted to try it out. It was a blast, thanks to your app. The current compass image was a bit confusing (is the red arrow pointing north, or at the target?), and at times we moved faster than the iphone was updating, but it DEFINITELY worked and we found the cache. It was well worth the $1.99. It would also be nice to have instructions on how to enter coordinates more easily accessible rather than exiting the program and being directed to your web page. Still, after trying this out, I think we'll be using this alot - the whole family (mom, two boys 5 & 7, and our yellow lab lyle) had a great time....and a great walk in the woods!

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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