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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game




iPhoneAppsPlus->Photography->3D Gallery

3D Gallery

3D Gallery

Last changed: Oct 19, 2009

3D Gallery

Category: Photography
HomepageChristoph Arnold
Rating: rating 6(3458)
Version: 2.4.1
Size: 21.0 MB

Price:  $9.99 


Walk through virtual galleries on your iPhone and iPod touch and include your own pictures!
Smooth Graphics:
- Realtime 3D graphics engine.
- 3 virtual galleries.
- Multitexturing, animated textures, lightmaps.
- Efficient rendering functions.
Simple touch controls:
- Drag/flick your finger across the screen to change your line of sight.
- Touch the arrow buttons to walk. Walk through the doors to see all rooms.
- Double tap on the picture frames to edit them: Move/rotate/resize them and insert pictures from your own libraries.

3D Gallery - 03D Gallery - 13D Gallery - 23D Gallery - 3


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Great  rating of 3D Gallery
By: The Persian - Aug 2, 2009
Version: 2.2
I don't have a 3g s even though I want one. Anyway, make an update that can be used by 3g and 3g s so that there can be videos too. Like u could post a video instead of a picture and it only plays when you look at it. That would make it very cool. Make sure it still works for the 3g still though if you do make the update. Also, Make a humungous museum with like 4 floors and 200 picture capacity or something. That would really make it amazing

Creative, must have!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: Aukuo - Jul 27, 2009
Version: 2.2
I feel that people who gave this app 1 star didn't know what the app was for and how to use it. Basically, there are two galleries, for example the second one has four rooms, each with 10 default pictures already mounted. You can walk around the gallery, and move the pictures, resize them, or rotate them. Of course, you can replace the picture with your own-I replaced all the pictures with photos of my contacts. Edit: for the new updates that have been coming out, I'm updating this review. Now the app is pure awesome- the layout makes more sense. Again I see people not enjoying it, saying "well what's the point" for what it is supposed to do, it does it very well. I bought it for .99 but I'd pay $5 at least! Can't wait for the 3rd gallery to be finished!

3d gallery 2nd review  rating of 3D Gallery
By: Gpnannah - May 28, 2009
Version: 1.9
Here I go again,this is an awesome app I have found more rooms, you can add More pics up to 20 sets, in each gallery I have posted my grands personal art Work on walls, they got a kick out of That, I have secondlfe pics(hehe) on Walls, oh and there are walls that Show slide shows of your pics, keep Trying this is a great app, oh the music I have created a playlist for my art, I Just double tap my home button Choose iPod and my art gallery playlist Go back to gallery and enjoy. You have Your art gallery in your pocket.

Version 2.4.1 Great App  rating of 3D Gallery
By: 0itouch_man0 - Oct 20, 2009
Version: 2.4.1
First off I have like 220 apps which 90% paid for which is about $300 in apps. I rarely write a review I only Write a Review when app is very bad or in this case very good. I love the Extra Museums. THIS IS A GREAT APP. I love the 3d and the way you can put a museum of what ever pictures you like I also love the windows where you can see outside but they change the way you move anyway GREAT MAP and if you have great pictures you want to display in your own museum THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU

Gona get u to the top:):):):):)  rating of 3D Gallery
By: nightshade3 - Apr 16, 2009
Version: 1.9
Realy great app! Wut I thought would make it cooler is if u make theme rooms like baby crib in a room for baby pics and bedroom for special pics ;) and also thought it would b cool if we could put pass codes to certian doors for special pics that would b real cool. And mayb the optian to add/remove furnitature? Well these updates would make a crazy good app and if anyone agrees with me and wants to c this happen please mention my review or repost it or sumthing. But agine great app good work and I can't wait for the update :-D

Love it!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: sjm honor - Apr 14, 2009
Version: 1.9
Very unique and great way to show off photos. Would be great if there was web site to upload to as a way of letting friends and Fam look around without needing to hand over phone. Cost could be offset by sponsor who can use locales for product placement ads (bottle of springwater on table, etc.,) or allow use of software to create chatting areas in avatar-driven worlds. I have too many ideas for this programs use in a more adult but not x or r rated environment! WTG! ADDED APRIL 14: the new update is really ingenuous. I also notice that making adjustments and changing photos is easier than ever. Now if only I could save and upload as a web site ;-)

Version 1.9 Great App  rating of 3D Gallery
By: 0itouch_man0 - Apr 14, 2009
Version: 1.9
First off I have like 220 apps which 90% paid for which is about $300 in apps. O rarely write a review I only Write a Review when app is very bad or in this case very good. I love the second museum. I like most of the changes on orginal museum. I miss the entrance door. I think you should put the entrance door back and put 2 glass panels for the view of outside instead of one big panel. Overall great app and recomend.

Cool idea!!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: LinD.Z. - Mar 16, 2009
Version: 1.8
I love it, it is so cool but white walls are borring hope future updates bring interior design abilities :^) And maybe objects (i.e. plants, statues) can be placed on the open shelves/tables/boxes Oh and the furniture...kinda blockish change that -- (give us options of what to place...we could double-tap the furniture and we get a few choices of what we would like to be placed there same goes for the wallpaper and floors) The potential is all there just gotta let it out. So many ideas for updates I wish I worked on this app so I could put my ideas in an update for everyone...I know it'll enhance our gallery experience! Here's to hoping for great updates!

It Brings Out The Artist In Me!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: Gekkota - Mar 15, 2009
Version: 1.8
I love being able to see my photos in a gallery format--it makes for a unique display. I do have a few suggestions that would probably be fairly easy to implement, and make the gallery more interesting:
1. I'd like to be able to put my own photos in the two large frames with the "changing" photos near the entrance.
2. If the doors were numbered or labeled, it would be easier to remember which room is which. I get lost in my own gallery!
3. If you added some big plants, it would feel less sterile.
4. I'd like a few of the frames to be MUCH larger. And maybe some of the frames could be "thicker."
5. I wish I could open the door and look outside (but it's not really a priority...)
All in all, it's a nice app. With a little more "polish," it could be really great!
**Revised review after Version 1.7 update:
Great update! An extra star for you, caweb.de! The gallery looks so much nicer now that the frames can be resized and the pictures rearranged. It's nice to be able to mix and match sizes in the arrangements. (I would like to be able to move some of the frames "around the corner" and onto a wall that has no frames, though.) And I would still like to see the frames a little bit "thicker" so that a little of the frame is seen when the picture is viewed directly--it would give it a little more depth.
This is a great update, though. It makes the gallery so much more interesting to look at! Thanks!
**Revised review after version 1.8 update:
Oh, no! Where did the door go? I don't like the big window in the first room--the size is overwhelming. When the door was there, it gave a sense of a "starting point" for the gallery. It was like a little lobby. Now when the app opens I am not at the gallery entrance--I am in a gallery room. Please put the door back!!

1 of my favorites!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: prattle-on - Feb 19, 2009
Version: 1.6
I love this app! I've got a gallery of my own artwork, a gallery of artwork I own, and a gallery of my ancestors' portraits. The effects of walking through gallery rooms & doors is very effective and smooth. Very user friendly. Would it be possible to have placards by the artwork where you could enter info.? Or maybe a refreshment table when you have an "art opening" and show all your friends? Maybe someone walking around and looking at your artwork? In any case, all this would be beside the point. The app is wonderful as it is and a refreshing way to show everyone your new photos & phone, and how creative they both can be!

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Excellant!!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: JJ1175 - 08-Oct-2009
Version: 2.3
Excellant app, better than I thought it would be. Lots of rooms for your pics. Took a bit to find all the other rooms and picture sets to find how I cud load up to 1800 pics into it but looked on their support website and found how to use it etc, so maybe a future update would have a help area within the app where you can explain how to use it how it works etc so everyone appreciates this great app! Great price as well. Very impressed!!

Kikanus  rating of 3D Gallery
By: REDIYZ - Feb 13, 2009
Version: 1.5.1
I like this app and the new price will make you more Money . If I had payed $5 I would be writing a worse review at $1 it's worth every penny and more. You should refund that kid $4 though. If you have some nice pictures you'd like to display in a virtual home this app is great . By the way please show the makers of cube how to add this control to their game or add people who try to invade your house and add guns and blood and guts, yeah that would be cool!

Awesome!!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: Drew956 - Jan 11, 2009
Version: 1.3
DEVELOPER: I love it!! I can display my ipodart, and my juxtaposed images on it!! Would it be possible in the future to connect over wifi and allow someone else to enjoy your gallery? Also I bought it after I saw that you made version 1.4 and was wondering has that one been approved yet? Because mine still seems to be in 1.3 but other than that I love the "security panels" that allow you to see all the pictures in one spot. I like the jump feature. I also love the way you put the awesome gallery lights/(cameras?) It looks cool!! Keep up the great work!! THANK YOU DEVELOPER(s)/PRODUCER(s)!!!!!!

Brilliant  rating of 3D Gallery
By: Brummephil - 12-May-2009
Version: 1.9
Brilliant App, really like this App one of the best on here, But can we have more rooms, & labels on the doors or next to them as someone else said would be great, what if we could add more rooms our self's ??? Great up grade, Thanks, but we need more? What about a wall that's got loads & loads of frames on it &/or a wall covered in frames that can be used as single frames or spead one pic over all of them???

I really love this app!!!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: Bputman1324 - Dec 8, 2008
Version: 1.2
Really cool!!!! Made it all to me and my girlfriend Its sooo cool!!! Something I would like is to: #1.) to have more rooms and pictures spaces. #2.) change size of pictures. #3.) desire how many rooms u want. #4.) can rotate pictures on the wall. #5.) put as many pics on a wall as we want. #6.) change lighting. #7.) walk outside. Well those are some cool thing a I would want comment me on them!!! Peace!!! ~Bpütmåñ~

Please please please I beg you !!!!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: gravybrain - 15-Feb-2009
Version: 1.5.1
As an artist I love this app but the recent update has taken away the black bands that often frame the images. Please please please bring this back as an optional way to view pictures. It replicates how pictures are viewed on computer screens, cinemas, TV and when in slide format. The framing also helps some images to stick out giving them more of an impact. Otherwise a great and original app.Well done, I am looking forward to the next update !

Simply Awesome  rating of 3D Gallery
By: ScaryBear - 14-May-2009
Version: 1.9
This is such a fantastic way to show off photos. 2 galleries and 16 different picture sets makes for almost endless possibilities. Very impressed with the quality and smooth flow. Automatic slideshows on select locked frames is a great idea, though I wasn't sure at first how it worked. Only thing I'd really like to see is a way to lock all editing options so viewers can't accidentally change the layout. Fantastic. Thanks for making this app :)

Extremely well done, love it  rating of 3D Gallery
By: lolomgwtfbbq - 22-Mar-2009
Version: 1.8
And with graphics like this, I'm almost looking forward to a first person shooter for the iPhone. EDIT: Version 1.7 made this app almost twice as good as before. I like moving a picture of a spiral-looking galaxy thing over a doorway, so when I move into it I "teleport" to another area :P EDIT 2: Version 1.9 should have diagonal walking arrows, and the ability to add/delete frames. If there are too many frames, it could slowdown the app a lot though, so there should be a limit or something. Being able to change the frames back to their stock originals would be nice, too.

3D Gallery is Awesome!  rating of 3D Gallery
By: cool-astronaut - Sep 25, 2009
Version: 2.3
I really like this 3d gallery, because you are able to pretty much walk around your own personal art gallery (virtually). It's a nice way to view all of your pictures you've taken. It's also cool just to download some pics off the net and post them up everywhere in the gallery. I also like the general layout of the gallery, and the ability to go up stairs or move around. A lot of things make it seem almost real, like the lights, walls, floor stairs, other than other apps, where there are pictures floating in mid air! I think the app in pretty reasonably priced ($2.99) and the developers did a great job with it. One thing I think they should add though, is different themes for the walls and such. I will definately use this, and I recommend this app to all art lovers!

AWESOME APP  rating of 3D Gallery
By: Hsjshxhxkemjxksmn - May 24, 2009
Version: 1.9
This is a great app. Please add: Being able to make pictures, and not just replacing photos with other ones, also add being able too see other people's gallery and talking with each other ( to comment on, and ask questions about their photos). Trust me! Add these it will be the hottest app! Add it and ill give it 5 stars just like many other reviews from many other costomers!please add those ideas! -Brodes P.S. Anyone disagree or agree with what I said, you can adress me as: Brodes

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CountryTop PaidTop Grossing
    United Kingdom192-
    Costa Rica43-
    Czech Republic71-
    El Salvador18-
    Hong Kong188-
    New Zealand94293
    Saudi Arabia5730
    South Africa77-
    Sri Lanka64-
    United Arab Emirates42-

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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