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iPhoneAppsPlus->Photography->Best Camera

Best Camera

Best Camera

Last changed: Nov 21, 2009

Best Camera

Category: Photography
HomepageUbermind, Inc.
Rating: rating 8(1667)
Version: 1.1
Size: 1.5 MB

Price:  $2.99 


“The best camera is the one you have with you. And - possibly - the best camera software designer is a photographer.” -Wired
“...it’s absolutely brilliant!!!!” -Scott Kelby
“Best Camera boasts 14 easily applied (and easily removed) filters and the ability to share photos...with a tap.”
-LA Times
“The Best Camera App allows users to creatively edit and share iPhone images more simply than ever before.”
-Washington Post
“Best Camera app for iPhone, I decided to take a look and I'm glad I did.” -TUAW, The Unofficial Apple Website
“... you’ll get the kind of images that make you smile...”
-Daily Candy
“...the sweetest iPhone app yet for photographers.”
Inspired by the phrase “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You”, Best Camera app allows you to shoot, creatively edit, and share your iPhone images more simply than ever before. 
This app provides you with an easy-to-use set of effects that can be applied to photos at the touch of a button.  Stack them. Mix them. Remix them. Virtually infinite creative possibilities with your photos.  
And what good is taking a picture if it’s not easily shared? Best Camera allows you to share your images quickly and easily via Facebook, Twitter, email, any sharing service that allows you to upload images via email (ie Flickr), and www.thebestcamera.com, a new photo sharing community that allows you to contribute to a real-time gallery of iPhone photography from around the globe that is displayed right on your iPhone. That’s right, view images pouring in from all over the world right in the palm of your hand. You can even rate them and find out who created the images.
Through the course of creating the world’s first picture book of iPhone photography appropriately titled, The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You, world renowned photographer--and the creator of Best Camera—Chase Jarvis spent 6 months experimenting with almost every photo app. He created a feature wish list and then partnered with superstar developer Übermind, Inc. to bring you this app. Used by beginning amateurs and the top pros alike, Best Camera allows you to shoot, edit and share pictures all in a single app.
1. Shoot: Take a picture from within the app or choose an image from your library.
2. Filters/Effects: Best Camera comes equipped with fourteen one touch filters and effects to enhance your images. For the basic user, just touch your favorite signature filter like “Jewel,” “Paris,” “Slate” or “Candy” and and your photos will take on an amazing new look. For more advanced users, click on a few more “tool” filters like fade, contrast, lighten, darken, cool, warm, vignette, crop, and frame. Add them, stack them, and create something truly unique.
3. Share: With just the touch of a button, share your image directly with the world via Twitter, Facebook, email, any sharing service that allows you to upload images via email, and/or by uploading it to the new online photo sharing community www.thebestcamera.com
Community: Don’t forget about community! Touch the globe icon and you’ll be immersed in a real-time gallery of images from people around the world also using Best Camera. The images are displayed in a visualizer that allows you to find out who is creating your favorite images, sort them via popular or recent. You can also view these images online at www.thebestcamera.com to find out what “recipe” of filters were used to make those pictures.
Visit www.thebestcamera.com to learn more about the app, watch a virtual tour of the app, and check out some of the world's best iPhone photography.

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See full reviews in other country:  ( total 614 reviews )


Amazingly powerful for an app  rating of Best Camera
By: Travis Johansen - Oct 26, 2009
Version: 1.0.2
I think it would be nearly impossible to overstate how amazing of an app this is. Until now, I've been hesitant to upload images to Facebook because I didn't want people to see crappy iPhone images from me! But now I can quickly and super easily shoot, edit, and upload to Facebook- Twitter- and the Best Cam website (as well as open it up in an email to send to people who are 'off the grid'.) All with one click. I like how you can really layer on the effects, you can really make an image unique- much unlike some other programs that rely on presets. If you understand layers/Photoshop then you should have even more fun. I REALLY like that they fixed the bug with Facebook captions. Thanks Much!This app Is AMAZING!

Love the concept  rating of Best Camera
By: Alfadog - Sep 22, 2009
Version: 1.0
I love the idea of a website to share creative iPhone photos along with an app to make to make editing and uploading the photos quick and easy. This fulfills the iPhone's potential as a creative tool. Exactly what I've been wanting. I'm looking forward to watching thebestcamera.com website grow and develop.The filters look great and can really add to iPhone photos. I will keep using Photogene for its cropping and horizon leveling functions, but Bestcamera will do everything else I want for an iPhone photo editing app.

It's worth it.  rating of Best Camera
By: BobTheBeast - Oct 18, 2009
Version: 1.0.2
I just want to say to everyone who says theres too much branding that you're dumb. To have Chase Jarvis' name on an application like this should be a big deal. It's actually pretty awesome considering he has done ads for McDonalds, Volvo, REI, and SanDisk. But if you care at all about editing your pictures on your iPhone or uploading them to Facebook or Twitter or both this is the perfect app. The editing features are fantastic and it just makes you want to use the camera on your iPhone even more. Definitely worth the money.

THE BEST EVER!!!  rating of Best Camera
By: st. christopher - Sep 23, 2009
Version: 1.0
Finally an all in one app that gives professional looking photos without having to do alot of work. Then with a few clicks send to facebook, twitter, email, and keep a copy for yourself in your library in one final push all at once. I have followed Chase Jarvis for awhile and he does amazing work! Check out his podcast and his stuff on the web. This is as simple as it gets! This is THE BEST CAMERA app. Use it every time you take a picture and take a picture everyday. Don't forget this is also a new place to hangout on the web to checkout other individuals work that has been posted using this app. All is self contained inside the app!!! Simply amazing!!!

sophisticated photo enhancing and editing  rating of Best Camera
By: planetmango - Oct 17, 2009
Version: 1.0.2
pretty sophisticated photo enhancing and editing right on the phone. upload your photo to facebook, twitter, thebestcamera.com, or save to your photo library. I didn't expect it, but it turns out I've used this app multiple times a day since I got it. it's fun, turns out some great photos, and a couple of mine have been on the "popular" page now for a few days. Try it. Get creative. Look on the website and see how others are using the filters and get ideas. I think it's a pretty compelling app.

Wowza  rating of Best Camera
By: meganyonak - Oct 16, 2009
Version: 1.0.1
This is such an awesome app! I love it and was so surprised at the quality that it gave my photos! So easy, so quick, so much fun!!! I would deffinately recommend this to anyone who loves to take pics. It's by far, the best app that I have bought since owning my iPhone 3g. Love it love it love it. The ONLY thing.. ok, two things... that I wish you could do with this app is "backstep/undo" and delete a photo that you sent. I have no 'account' or 'my account/settings' with this application. It's a little frusterating that I can look at 'other pictures by "ruby lee photography") which is me.... yet I can't delete anything. it's like it's not really my account. BUT- that's such a minor complaint compared to the overall package. :) Happy photo editing!

The best camera app!!!  rating of Best Camera
By: CraikeyBaby - 06-Nov-2009
Version: 1.0.2
I don't normally write reviews, but this app has proved really good fun and got me taking a lot more photos. It also shows that you don't need 10+ mega pixels to get great images.
There are a few features that could be added, Flickr Upload etc, but it isn't too hard to transfer from the Bestcamera.com site anyway.
Stabitiywise I haven't had any crashes, but afew times I've had error messages saying the image couldn't be uploaded to a social network.

Brill!  rating of Best Camera
By: mrkwr - 13-Oct-2009
Version: 1.0.1
Loving it no end, tho I think I liked it more coming from browsing the book first, that is with an understanding of what the developer's motivation was. I've found it very liberating and has got me excited about photography again after a long fallow period. Obviously there's a huge list of features that someone will want but for me the simplicity is a plus and I'd resist tryng to turn it into Pshop. But I just wish I could slide the square crop up & down the image (rather than always being centred)!

Possibly the best app I own  rating of Best Camera
By: iflandphotography - Sep 22, 2009
Version: 1.0
Another quality production from Chase Jarvis. As with all of his work, this app delivers. It is a powerful image editing tool, and the built-in connectivity is great. I would like to see maybe a few more options in editing features in a future update (i.e. more preset effects, like the CameraBag app), but the included editing functions are good for now. The connectivity is great - while before I had to use 4 applications to take and edit photos, publish the photo to my blog, and publish the link to Twitter and Facebook, I now only have to use 2. The one feature I would like to see: blog connectivity. I would love to be able to publish photos to my wordpress blog straight from this app. Maybe this will come in an update later. Overall, a great app - best $3 you will ever spend!

Combines functionality of several apps  rating of Best Camera
By: Ransom978 - Sep 22, 2009
Version: 1.0
This is a very cool app that does things that you'd need two or three or more programs to do previously. Filters are stackable and can be doubled, and a shake clears them away so you can start over. Sharing to Twitter, Facebook, and TheBestCamera website is a one click operation (after setup). Highly recommended. Oh, and TheBestCamera website is nice, too, as each photo displayed (click on the thumbnail) shows the recipe used to create it.

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

this app is a lot of fun to use  rating of Best Camera
By: JD in Boston - Sep 26, 2009
Version: 1.0
I really like the way this app works. love the row of filters at the bottom and the way they scroll. makes sense for what you're doing. only comment would be that I didn't get that I had one pic "in play" at once and had to "do something with it" before I could take another pic. e.g. save to photos or upload somewhere. otherwise I got what everything was doing right off the bat. great job!
Yeah. maybe the whole thing has a lot of branding on it. But considering that the whole book/app/site thing is fun and well done. I'll get over it. and I want to support ( that reads money) people that do things I want to see on the iPhone. I want more like this.

You need this one!  rating of Best Camera
By: daryl brewton - Sep 22, 2009
Version: 1.0
I've got so many apps that I have to go back and forth on to achieve my desired results. I like tweaking my photos just a bit before posting and Chase has made an app that I can do all of it inside of one app. Plus, the multiple posting options make it so very easy to get your images out there.
Great job Chase. Thanks for all of your extra work in being so open to showing and sharing the work that you do. Thanks!

Best Camera in my opinion!  rating of Best Camera
By: dalereubin - 22-Sep-2009
Version: 1.0
I've used a bunch of apps and this one beats them hands down! If you're a photographer and get the whole idea behind Chase Jarvis and this app then you'll love it. It does exactly what you want in terms of simple yet very appropriate and effective editing, and the best thing about it is how easy it is to share your photos. facebook, twitter and the best camera community. I don't think anything is left out. Fantastic, I love it!

Amazing control of your iPhone photos -- from within the iPhone itself.  rating of Best Camera
By: Strobist - Sep 22, 2009
Version: 1.0
Using the new concept of "stackable filters," Best Camera brings many of the post-processing techniques from desktop programs right into the iPhone itself. While you can't lasso or feather individual areas, you can do a lot with the global manipulation tools included in the app.
But what really does the trick is that the filters are stackable, for a near-endless combination of effects. You can even stack the same filter, to enhance that filter's effect.
Add in one-touch sharing of your photos to all of the popular social media sites -- and access to a community of other iPhone photographers' real-time Best Camera uploads -- and it is a steal at @2.99.

It's the future! I swear!  rating of Best Camera
By: Iowacruise - 22-Sep-2009
Version: 1.0
This app is exactly what I would expect an app to be like if Chase Jarvis had anything to do with it! It's great. I already take a massive amount of pics with my iPhone, and I ran into the problems Chase Jarvis talks about... Using soo many apps to share the pics let alone edit them the way I would like. This app solves such problems... And then some! Sharing-DONE Edits-DONENow lets see what else... Oh yeah, how about we all take part in an innovative dynamic community that lets Photographer junkies like myself and EVERYONE and ANYONE else add fuel to the creative fires! So we can all share great shots, with no other reason behind it other than to have alot of fun! Great app-DONENice one Chase! Thanks.

This IS the Best Camera app.  rating of Best Camera
By: Josh Zytkiewicz - Sep 22, 2009
Version: 1.0
This app does exactly what I need. I can take a picture from within the app, then share it with just one button. Plus if I want to get creative the filters are amazing. The ability to stack, rearrange, and do multiples of each filter gives an almost infinite number of possibilities.
I wish this had come out two weeks ago before I had bought another camera app that I'm probably never going to use again.

SUPERB  rating of Best Camera
By: Johnnycakes - 25-Sep-2009
Version: 1.0
Chase Jarvis has ploughed all his passion, knowledge and thought into this, his pet project, all based on his phrase "The best camera is the one you have with you.". So true. This is superbly excecuted, well thought out and designed. Lovely UI. I had been using Camerabag, inspired by Chase's iPhone mantra, but now I'm swapping to this. The muliple share option is worth the app alone (although, yes, Flickr sharing is a big omission). Whereas before, you'd have to go into a separate app to put on Twitter or Facebook, this does it all from the app, simultaniously. An then there's the website for Best Camera - perhaps the reason why Flickr integration is lacking. Exhibite and rate photos taken from the iPhone using the app. And learn the "recipies" (the combo of effects, in the right order) that produces them. Excellent stuff. A real credit to Chase.

Makes you take photos!  rating of Best Camera
By: ChristianMichaelPhotography - 22-Sep-2009
Version: 1.0
I've been a long time Chase Jarvis fan, and am inspired by his photo a day, and statement of the best camera in the world is the one thats with you. Theres nothing on this app that you couldn't add in photoshop (and the like) but thats not the point, its all in iPhone, from capture to 'edit' to export to FaceBook, Twitter etc. All in well worth the money, jut make sure you use it everyday, get those creative juices running!!

A MUST have App' for all iPhone Photographers  rating of Best Camera
By: Glyn Dewis - 01-Oct-2009
Version: 1.0.1
At last a virtual 'one stop shop' for editing, uploading & viewing iPhone photos. It's USP is it's ease of use and simple one click functions for applying filters, vignettes, crops, frames, uploading and so on... Sure there are more editing capabilities in other app's like Foto FX and so on but this is a brand new App and something tells me that an App this good from release is gonna get better and better.

Goes beyond just fun and is a great creative tool  rating of Best Camera
By: Phototainable (via Terribletype) - Sep 27, 2009
Version: 1.0
'The Best Camera is the one that's with you' and with this application it really does makes the iPhone the best camera to have in your pocket. Of course the iPhone camera has many limitations but with this application your iPhone camera can be a great creative tool which is pretty liberating to use. Using it solidly for a whole Saturday, playing around with what I could do I found that it enables your to experiment and shot just about anywhere. Take a shot at the fish counter and by the time you are at the checkout you have processed and uploaded to share with the world. The simplicity and integrated workflow are real strengths of this app and it will benefit everybody from a casual party snapper to a serious photographer wanting to challenge his creative limits.
I loved the way it keeps your last settings so that you can apply the same processing chain to a set of photos one after another.
I hope that the Best Camera community grows and that more features are added to the community side as well as the app!
Congratulations Chase Jarvis

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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