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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game







Last changed: Feb 28, 2009


Category: Reference
HomepageAbir Majumdar
Rating: rating 6(55)
Version: 1.0
Size: 0.3 MB

Price:  $2.99 


What is CheatSheet?
CheatSheet is an online repository of cheat sheets and quick reference guides for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It contains essential information for IT professionals, programmers, or anyone that uses computers regularly.
What are “cheat sheets”?
Wikipedia says “a ‘cheat sheet’ is any short (one or two page) reference to terms, commands, or symbols where the user is expected to understand the use of such terms etc but not necessarily to have memorized all of them.”
Why should I buy this app?
CheatSheet is the ONLY comprehensive app of cheat sheet application for the phone. Why pay for an application per cheat sheet when you can buy one app with over 50 useful cheat sheets? Here are some other reasons:
- Quick, Easy, Vital: Access information without taking up any additional screen real estate on your computer.
- Buy once, get unlimited updates: CheatSheet’s contents are dynamically generated. Expect new different content without having to pay a dime.
- Cached content: The first time you view a sheet it gets cached locally on your iPhone/iPodTouch. This means every subsequent launch will load much faster.
What are the cheat sheets are included in the App?
- Apache
- Bash
- C
- C++
- Core C# and .NET
- Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts
- emacs
- Firefox Shortcuts
- Gimp
- Git
- GMail Shortcuts
- Google
- Google Maps
- HTML Character Entries
- Jango
- Javascript
- JQuery
- Mac OS X Shortcuts
- mod_rewrite
- MooTools
- OpenSSH
- Photoshop Shortcuts (Mac)
- Photoshop Shortcuts (Windows)
- php
- Postgres SQL
- Prototype
- Python
- Regular Expressions
- RGB Hex Color Guide
- Ruby on Rails
- Sendmail
- ServerSideIncludes (SSI)
- Solaris Admin Guide
- SQL Server
- Subversion
- TcpDump
- Unix/Linux Guide
- vi
- vim
- Wikipedia
- World of Warcraft
- XEmacs
- XSLT and XPath

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Nice!!  rating of CheatSheet
By: Ishish4321 - Mar 10, 2009
Version: 1.0
Use the vi one all the time!

solid and dynamic collection of cheatsheets available here  rating of CheatSheet
By: theduderabides - Mar 2, 2009
Version: 1.0
this app is great, a fairly quick way to get to dozens of handy cheatsheet pdfs. it looks like the minor issues that sevennineteen mentioned with language/framework organization have already been fixed. love the fact that the content is dynamically updated!

Needs more work. Not worth money as is.  rating of CheatSheet
By: daz-beck - 30-Apr-2009
Version: 1.0
Just a bunch of images available free from the Internet. Viewer is too slow zooming in particular. Sheets need organising for easier and faster viewing on iPhone. Has potential but not worth the price as it is.

Just plain wrong  rating of CheatSheet
By: Sheet Cheated - 8-Mar-2009
Version: 1.0
May seems usefull but the sheets are the actual PDFs you can find for free around the net. They're unsearchable you have to pinch to see something. On top of it some have pretty long urls in reference and they aren't even clickable. This app is a pitty.

Trop peu  rating of CheatSheet
By: Azmyth223 - 3-Mar-2009
Version: 1.0
Trop cher pour si peu.

don't buy  rating of CheatSheet
By: woolf2k - Mar 19, 2009
Version: 1.0
The screen only displays an actual 11x8.5 zoomed out to have the sheet fit in screen. you can't zoom in so it's impossible to read the tiny text. The preview images above are incorrect the only one that is true is preview #1, previews 2 and 3 are nothing compared to what I see. 2 doesn't exist and #3 -- I cannot see the sheet that zoomed in....don't buy until all these issues are corrected. There are no instructions and the company site's support is useless.

Great if you have a manifying glass...  rating of CheatSheet
By: The Muffin - Mar 17, 2009
Version: 1.0
A lot of good information but no way to actually read any of it. The documents themselves are written with a very small font and they cannot be zoomed in on, so actually getting cheats from this is very difficult. I can't personally read any of it because of this issue so I'll likely delete it. Like another poster said, you'd probably be better off just finding and bookmarking the information on Safari.

What a joke!  rating of CheatSheet
By: bubbledrop - Mar 2, 2009
Version: 1.0
Not even optimized for the iPhone. Hard to zoom, hard to use. Might as well use Safari and bookmark these pages.

Disappointing  rating of CheatSheet
By: sevennineteen - Mar 1, 2009
Version: 1.0
Just bought this app and am fairly disappointed. The idea of collecting reference materials for all of these languages in a single app is great, but the materials here are just random PDFs cribbed from the internet, not optimized for iPhone viewing at all. The regex screenshot is a bit misleading as makes it look like a single column convenient for thumb-scrolling, which is not the case. Performance-wise, these are slow to download and difficult to zoom. A truly iPhone-optimized programming reference app would be a great thing, but this is just an iPhone wrapper around a set of random documents. Some minor notes: Django begins w/ a "D". I'm not sure how the split between "programming" and "frameworks" was decided, but RoR should be in the same bucket as Django... Ruby is a language; RoR is a framework.

Don't buy it until the there is an update  rating of CheatSheet
By: chuckles888 - 13-Aug-2009
Version: 1.0
I want a refund!!! This program is not properly formated for iPhone, you have to zoom and pan to read the content.
I feel cheated!!!

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Poor cheat sheets  rating of CheatSheet
By: Dmcr - 06-Mar-2009
Version: 1.0
Single page sheet per item, stick to the cheatsheets which give you information. Would not recommend this app. Waste of £1.79

Rubbish  rating of CheatSheet
By: Mr vocab - 20-Sep-2009
Version: 1.0
I have never left a review bedore but i totally agree with the last review maybe it would be ok if it was free but this app is totally a waste of money simply downloads cheat sheets which arefreely availiable the sheets r not even optimised for the iPhone .... Refund please

Would be great if you can read it.  rating of CheatSheet
By: Dsrtort-5 - 20-May-2009
Version: 1.0
I wasn't expecting this to be just links to the same old cheatsheets you can already find all over the net. If the developer wants to actually maintain the lists and format them for iPhone it would be excellent. As of right now though a google search and a couple of bookmarks can stop you from wasting 4 dollars.

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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