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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game






Last changed: Nov 12, 2009

Category: Navigation
Rating: rating (35303)
Version: 3.3
Size: 2.7 MB
Price: Free 


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It's a good app  
By: Fasho! - Dec 9, 2009
Version: 3.3
Good app. doesn't crash. Get it very informational!!

By: j03ld - Dec 9, 2009
Version: 3.3
Unfortunately, it keeps crashing.

By: Thursdayduck - Dec 7, 2009
Version: 3.3
This is a great, comprehensive ap, best of all, its free!

The ads ruin it  
By: Slugger Lee - Nov 29, 2009
Version: 3.3
I can't even give an accurate review of features because the constant ads at the bottom of the screen are so distracting. Really annoying and makes the program unusable.

Useful but needs wrk  
By: Darkkan13 - Nov 28, 2009
Version: 3.3
Its a pretty cool app havnt messed with everything but it needs updating one of the places listed for my area isnt there anymore its another store now.

Much Better  
By: Apple212234128 - Nov 26, 2009
Version: 3.3
Love the 3.3 update. Love the google maps interface!

Constant crashes  
By: Txav8or - Nov 17, 2009
Version: 3.3
Excellent info and up to date, but constant crashes.

By: Pleas1r - Nov 16, 2009
Version: 3.3
Great app for finding places away and at home.

Unbelievably Good Free App  
By: Gpange - Nov 14, 2009
Version: 3.3
Really great app. Love it.

By: Jc12358 - Nov 13, 2009
Version: 3.3
I dig the new quick reviews. Also i feel like citysearch has better data, i just dont like browsing their site for some reason, so thanks for bringing their info to me in a format i like!

Just keeps getting better!  
By: MaineAh - Nov 13, 2009
Version: 3.3
New version of the app is great. Less ads make it a much more enjoyable to use. Nice work!

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Better and Better  
By: JocieKate - Nov 13, 2009
Version: 3.3
I love the new version of WHERE- they improved weather so you can get hourly info, which comes in handy. And I like the new Reviews section - it is very easy to post your opinions about places and see what other people think about local businesses and restaurants.

Nice work  
By: bambooboarder - Nov 13, 2009
Version: 3.3
Huge improvement to the weather feature - it now has enough detail that I no longer need my weather app (that I was paying for). The reviews feature is a nice touch as well.

By: JF19 - Nov 13, 2009
Version: 3.3
love it.

What'll they think of next...  
By: mobileguy - Nov 13, 2009
Version: 3.3
They added a new thing called reviews that seems pretty cool. It shows reviews of places in your area from other where users. Not a ton of stuff in there, but I think the reviews seem more real than some of the fake review sites out there. Keep up the good work.

3.3 rocks! Love that yelp is toast - replaced with new info that's way better. Weather is solid work  
By: hamiltonroader - Nov 13, 2009
Version: 3.3
The WHERE team continues to innovate local. Their depth and breadth of content is best, bar none.

By: lindaaz09 - Nov 12, 2009
Version: 3.3
Every time there is an update I have to reoganize my tabs - annoying

Perfect !!!  
By: Mshmsh991 - Nov 12, 2009
Version: 3.3
This is the best app I've ever seen, if it's crash with you, reboot your iPhone then it will work better !!!

WHERE rocks  
By: Oscar31 - Nov 12, 2009
Version: 3.3
I was a little luke warm on the old version, but this update rocks. I have deleted a bunch of other apps and am using WHERE for all my go-to local needs. Don't believe the bad reviews...it is worth it (and free)!

WHERE Reviews! Awesome!  
By: Juggernaut360 - Nov 12, 2009
Version: 3.3
WHERE just keeps getting better and better. While I like the improvements to the Weather widget (and I'm going to let it finish), the new WHERE Reviews widget may be the greatest feature of all time! I am absolutely in love with how easy it is to rate my favorite places on WHERE, be it a restaurant or a beach resort or even the home of my favorite sports team. WHERE Reviews is almost as fun and addictive as WHERE Connect!

Big upgrade  
By: iphoneatic77 - Nov 12, 2009
Version: 3.3
I love the new weather widget. So much better. Hourly weather by day for the next week. That's awesome. Also the new reviews widget is cool. Like the inclusion of menus.






Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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