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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game






Last changed: Version: 1.12

Category: Travel
Rating: rating (205280)
Version: Wanderspot,
Price: Free 


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By: 오예 - 24-Jan-2009
Version: 1.07
이건 우리나라에선 쓸 수 없는 거네요 미국에서나 요긴하게 쓰이겠어요 그대신 외식 품목 정하기에 가끔 쓰면 재미있을 듯 하네요

Ni siquiera funciona en mexico  
By: CHELERO24 - 11-Jan-2009
Version: 1.07
Como esta eso de que ponen apps que no funcionan en México? ¡Hello¡ Es la store de Mex, ademas se tarda un chingo en cargar solo para decirme que no hay funciona n mi país CHAFA

Country Support  
By: CodyC1515 - 30-Dec-2008
Version: 1.07
Why waste money advertising it in New Zealand, if I am told it is not support in my region.TOTAL WASTE OF TIME, if you are not in the US.

Genialt program!  
By: djus - 29-Nov-2008
Version: 1.06
Håper virkelig at det snart kommer andre europeiske byer i tillegg til London med...

Her mit Europa  
By: Sebastian O. - 02-Feb-2009
Version: 1.07
Ewig schade, dass keine europäischen Städte unterstützt werden. Momentan nur für einen Amerika Aufenthalt interessant. (data roaming voraus gesetzt)

Good app  
By: Awesomeness - Dec 12, 2009
Version: 1.12
Easy to use, very convnient, worth downloading

pessima x l'italia  
By: maxbobo - 15-ott-2009
Version: 1.12
scusate mi associo alle recensioni negative x adesso non è di nessuna utilità in italia

Não sou americano, preciso do app de busca por voz do google e não este.  
By: egito - 28-Dec-2008
Version: 1.06
Sou brasileiro , naõ acho o Porcão nem a Mariusm. logo não presta.

Nic z tego  
By: michalrok - 28-Dec-2008
Version: 1.07
Niestety w Polsce bezużyteczny.

By: Hathufuns - 25-Oct-2008
Version: 1.05
Deveria ser obrigatório o aviso se o programa será útil no espaço da EU ou não.

Does not work  
By: Cid_404 - 11-Dec-2008
Version: 1.06
Unfortunately, it does not work in Qatar.

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Too bad  
By: Bunnyboy85 - 13-Dec-2008
Version: 1.09
Great idea for an app, but would it be too much to ask to add at least the main european cities? There are some people living there, remember? ;-)

Why limited to the US?  
By: Lovethemac - 22-Nov-2008
Version: 1.06
Does not have support for other countries like Singapore etc. If it had it then I'd download it.

Almost perfect  
By: Princess_Chik - 05-Aug-2008
Version: 1.01
I think this is a great and useful App IF you happen to be in one of the few(mostly American) cities covered. Please at least include Stockholm if you're going to provide the App in the Swedish App store otherwise it's just a big tease!!

Es gibt auch deutsche Städte  
By: AppStore Stöberer - 24.01.2009
Version: 1.07
Es gibt auch deutsche Städte, sind jedoch nicht viele!!! Außerdem: Wird das überhaupt getrennt, deutscher und anderer AppStore??? Von Apple wurde es jedenfalls sogar im Vordtellungsvideo vom iPod touch genannt!

Better than the French chef :)  
By: Cliffiko - 11-Dec-2009
Version: 1.12
For London dining this app is the best by far, especially if you are in an unfamilar area and don't want to rely on pot luck from a random place. Also one of the least pretentious food guides out there which is a big bonust to other branded apps.

Nice and seamless  
By: Jokin Gonzalez - 16-Nov-2008
Version: 1.06
En un reciente viaje a Nueva York nos permitió encontrar numerosos sitios donde comer, más allá de la tópica hamburguesa y fast food. Sencillo y sorprendente, no requiere el GPS para funcionar adecuadamente.

Pour la france  
By: Stefan Edison - 5 mai 2009
Version: 1.09
Si ça fonctionne pour la france...qui est quand meme le pays de la gastronomie! ce sera le paradis sur iphone. Alors, postez vos avis en faveur de cette aplication et peut etre qu'un jour, ça portera ses fruits

By: Atomic crumpet - 11-Dec-2009
Version: 1.12
Brilliant little app for the undecisive among us!

It's awesome. That's it....  
By: I heart food - 11-Dec-2009
Version: 1.12
Easy to use and great details

By: Poolfan101 - 06-Mar-2009
Version: 1.08
Great app idea, but shame it doesn't have any Irish cities. I don't understand why this app would be offered to Irish customers when it doesn't work for them. Come on apple, get your act together.






Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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