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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game






Last changed: Version: 1.12

Category: Travel
Rating: rating (205280)
Version: Wanderspot,
Price: Free 


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The best!  
By: chrisp92 - 25-Feb-2009
Version: 1.08
This is the best!! And now it has brisbane!! Well done =]

There is some crazy people  
By: Jailmend - 01-Oct-2009
Version: 1.11
This the best free app wish I'd of thought of it.type your place in search and press search it will find your town

Hands Down Awesome!  
By: LuvtaEat - Dec 2, 2009
Version: 1.12
If you tried other apps for food hunting, you will be more than satisfied after trying this app.

mmmm whats cooking  
By: darmha - 27-Mar-2009
Version: 1.09
I love this app! this was my second one and I still love it! I use it with my parents friends it doesn't matter! It is so great!!!

Good apps  
By: Aqp32 - 24-Feb-2009
Version: 1.08
This is a good and handy apps. However as all apps there is space for improvement. I'd like to see an option for saving some restaurants in one or more personnal lists like favourits, must to go, etc ... Thanks!

Very good  
By: Who who? - 30-Sep-2009
Version: 1.11
Excellent app

Great App!!!  
By: JustLoLo - Dec 2, 2009
Version: 1.12
One of the best, if not the best App to find new a good food. Takes the guess work out of trying to figure out a new place to eat. Want to try something new like Indian food or Salvadorian food? Set the dial and give your phone a shake!! Great App!!!!

Late night  
By: Vellinn - 27-Mar-2009
Version: 1.09
It doesn't show what's open late at night. That would be helpful when you're drunk and hungee!

not bad  
By: mikizee - 23-Feb-2009
Version: 1.08
Seems really good, Adelaide as been added now as well

Works perfectly!  
By: rocketclop - 30-Sep-2009
Version: 1.11
I live in Edinburgh and it's finding lots of places in Edinburgh and in my area. I definately think it's worth trying!

Must have app  
By: ZoSFrosty - Dec 2, 2009
Version: 1.12
Title says it all. If you own an iPhone and eat, get this app.

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

By: clone man 62 - 27-Mar-2009
Version: 1.09
This app is good Finding dinner or lunch on short notice

Melbourne works a treat :)  
By: Harry Recto - 21-Feb-2009
Version: 1.08
I wish I installed this freebie before buying "EAT" (Melbourne) which is a simple stagnant list of decent restaurants. This however works great in Melbourne, the shake feature is awesome and the more people who contribute to this, the better it will get. Best of all, it's free :)

Wat no Bristol  
By: Keigh95 - 30-Sep-2009
Version: 1.11
I live near Bristol uk but only Bristol is in US. It offers to locate ur current location but guess wat! It can't find u unless u live in London or Birmingham don't bother.

Very helpful  
By: keithcandy4ev - Dec 2, 2009
Version: 1.12
I do not travel much and even a town 100 miles away from home is hard to navigate. I found a fastfood restaraunt with the map it feature and found a corner pub that we could take a child to o, in our price range and had food we liked based on the information in urbanspoons app. We weren't trapped by the 'main drag' options for eating. We mapped it, found it just off the main drag and could find our way back to the interstate. Our trip was for non fun and urban spoon added alittle fun to it. I also like that friends can be invited to share restaraunt picks and it links to facebook to make finding PC friends easier.

By: KONArider99 - 27-Mar-2009
Version: 1.09
This would be a great app if it had St. John's, Newfoundland since thats where I live.The only time this app is useful for me is when I travel.We also get a lot of tourists here who would probably benefit from this too and use this app.Please add St. John's, Newfoundland!!!!

Support for Other Cities  
By: Flintster1 - 06-Feb-2009
Version: 1.07
Good app would be better if you can add resturants other than from major cities in Aus eg Newcastle

Waste of time  
By: Jonny Wat Wat - 28-Sep-2009
Version: 1.11
Downloaded ages ago - wa rubbish. Came back to it today and was still rubbish. Thought they might have pulled their finger out to sort. I live in a city 20 mins north of London and US is useless

By: E.M.S. - Dec 2, 2009
Version: 1.12
Oh yeah!

By: Deepthough - 26-Mar-2009
Version: 1.09
This is very useful. You should buy it no I mean download It.............The online problem is you need Internet wi-fi. But if you download wifi finder you canGo to a wi fi hotspot and look for a Fast food or a food store. Ubranspoon is very usefulSo down load it

By: Trk.4.Lyf - 25-Jan-2009
Version: 1.07
This app is so cooland useful:) :)Love it






Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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