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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game



iPhoneAppsPlus->Lifestyle->Shopper - Shopping List, Flyer Specials, Recipes, Stores, Scanner and more!

Shopper - Shopping List, Flyer Specials, Recipes, Stores, Scanner and more!

Shopper - Shopping List, Flyer Specials, Recipes, Stores, Scanner and more!

Last changed: Jan 04, 2011

Category: Lifestyle
Rating: rating (16655)
Version: 8.7.5
Size: 8.0 MB
Price: $0.99 


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Elendig program, amatørmessig  
By: Siljel - 15-Feb-2011
Version: 8.7.5
Tregt, multitasker ikke, web-interfacen er helt elendig med hakkende Flash mens du skriver. Når jeg planlegger retter vil jeg skrive inn ting på websiden istedetfor å knote på iphonen, men neida. Min manns er engelsk, og alle hylleplasseringer jeg lager kommer ikke opp på hans. Treg oppdatering. Synd det ikke fins bedre apper. Kanskje vi må programmere vår egen. Denne er ikke verdt pengene.

Buen programa para compras  
By: Hmejia - 25-Apr-2010
Version: 7.5
Permite crear varias listas diferentes por mercado u otros productos.Una vez se crea la lista pueden agregarse productos; además permite conservar el precio de compra para comparar y cpmo si fuera poco, lee los códigos de barras.

Suporte Português de Portugal  
By: JRui - 11-May-2010
Version: 8.0
É urgente ter o software escrito em PT_pt . Muitos dos produtos da lista não são de conhecimento geral dos europeus. Ou disponibilizar opção para ter o programa em Inglês.

Exelente app!  
By: Serub40 - 22-Aug-2010
Version: 8.5
Muy útil y completa

By: Jlehtine - 10-Jan-2010
Version: 6.0
Pienen opettelun jälkeen osoittautui oikein mainoksi. Käyttöliittymää voisi siis hivenen hioa, mutta ajaa asiansa. Osastojen järjestely kaupan mukaan on loistava toiminto. Täysin hintansa väärti.

Cool and highly useful!  
By: Taniab - 26-Jun-2009
Version: 3.0.2
GREAT application! Exactly what I was looking for! It's built so logically and really helps building routine shopping lists. If I had to write an application for myself, this is how I would do it. Thanks a lot, great value for $0.99 :)

Getting worse and worse   
By: Tchoupinao - 03-Oct-2010
Version: 8.5
At the beginning it was an easy and friendly app. Now, it has become complicated and not useful for non-US buyers. We just need a simple app to make a shopping list. We dont care about US flyers, tax calculation etc etc...very disappointing, DON'T BUY IT Once the app is good and works well, leave it unchanged please. Why keeping on updating with stupid new options ShoppingList is so much better, trust me all of you who are disappointed by the evolution of this app

By: iАндрей - 20-Mar-2011
Version: 8.7.5
Уберите рекламу

By: Godspeed Hung - 23-Mar-2010
Version: 7.5

Zeer praktisch!  
By: Lieve Motté - 07-Nov-2010
Version: 8.3
Nooit meer iets vergeten? Gebruik de shopper!

By: jeovanasb - 15-Sep-2010
Version: 8.5
Facil de usar, pratico

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

By: zab4756 - 19-Feb-2010
Version: 7.1
Good app,need Greek and list for local super market,it helped me to see the prices wich are going up every week.

US and Canada only!!  
By: Barcode Bob - 09-Jan-2010
Version: 6.0
Cannot cope with anything but US and Canada. And you need a postcode.

Synchronise & Refresh  
By: Pag666 - 18-Mar-2011
Version: 8.7.5
HiNot able to synch and Refresh why????? Very very frustrating. Not very cool for an apps we paid....Please fix this asap

Where is my app?  
By: barbuddah - 28-Oct-2010
Version: 8.6
With the latest update working only with 4.0 the app was deleted from my iPod touch 3.0.2 when I synchronized with iTunes. This is absolutely outrageous! I'm not intending to update to iOS 4 due to poor performance on my device and as it turns out, now I can't the app because of this? I'm a legitimate customer and I demand the support for 3.*. Until then, I will keep posting 1-star reviews.

By: joeguitarit - 23-apr-2009
Version: 2.1.7
Need italian translation!

By: Hype - 23-Jun-2009
Version: 3.0.2
Juuri ne ominaisuudet, joita ostoslistalta halusin ja näppärä käyttöliittymä, vaikkei kaikkia hinta- ym. toimintoja käyttäisikään.

Ad based revenue in a paying app?  
By: blaiseNZ - 23-Dec-2009
Version: 6.0
Shopper was the very first application I bought on the App store but I'm sorry to say that I will be looking for a replacement from now on. It was one thing when the system got more and more complicated with features that were targeted for the US market only. But now, having banner ads appear in my selection window when I'm creating my lists is too much. I'm sorry to hear the costs have overrun, but I don't think that adding advertising into a paying customer's application with no way to opt-out is a solution that will keep your customer base. I would have happily paid an extra cost (up to 4$ USD) to not be subjected to this, as I believe I've gotten many times more than my original purchase price of value out of the app, but now, I'll be replacing it. I'm disappointed.

Bra handleliste  
By: Kjellfjell - 10-Feb-2011
Version: 8.7.5
Leita lenge etter en handleliste-app vi kunne synkronisere mellom to telefoner. Denne gjør jobben. Savner et mer ryddig navigering og skulle gjerne sluppet annonsene. Hadde denne hatt mulighet for push-varsling, hadde den vært enda bedre.

Smart app til det travle par :-)  
By: Peter Loft - 17-Nov-2010
Version: 8.6
Fin app til deling af indkøbslister. Ærgeligt den ikke sync'er alle oplysninger som feks pris og type på produkter

Shopper Team Response  
By: Team Shopper - Apr 5, 2011
Version: 8.7.5
Note: Please report problems to Support, not via iTunes reviews. We monitor Support in real-time. A report via an iTunes review may not get seen for days and does not allow us to follow-up and resolve the problem. We do provide real, individual, support on Shopper and Shopper Free, but please contact our support team via email, the user's forum, or on Twitter.A few important notes based on your iTunes feedback:- Shopper is not limited to the stores listed in the app. Users can create as many custom stores as desired from the Stores interface.- Some of the stores listed in Shopper provide us with their weekly ad specials. There is a growing list of over 80 retailers in all regions of the country including Alaska and Hawaii (see the full list on the retailers page of our website).- Users looking for the ability to quickly change stores at the top of their list can turn that option (The "Store Picker") back on from settings. We've tried to simplify but left it available if needed.- The notifications on the Shopper icon shows you the number of items in the list you last used. You can turn it off in the Settings screen, it is called "Home badge" there.Please see the app screenshots to see exactly what we are like. Users may see brand messaging or UDSA & FDA allergy alerts and recalls shown next to relevant items on their list. These are clearly labeled and distinguished from the notes you might add to an item.And thanks for all the support of everyone that has contacted us on the forum, support mail or via Twitter.






Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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