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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game



iPhoneAppsPlus->Lifestyle->Shopper - Shopping List, Flyer Specials, Recipes, Stores, Scanner and more!

Shopper - Shopping List, Flyer Specials, Recipes, Stores, Scanner and more!

Shopper - Shopping List, Flyer Specials, Recipes, Stores, Scanner and more!

Last changed: Jan 04, 2011

Category: Lifestyle
Rating: rating (16655)
Version: 8.7.5
Size: 8.0 MB
Price: $0.99 


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Muito bom  
By: GUILA - 01-Dec-2009
Version: 5.1
Excelente para Compras

By: medgroup - 11-Dec-2009
Version: 6.0
best application with regular updates. Very happy with the purchase. Very easy to use app. Recommended

Zeer nuttig  
By: Beztroski Dom - 30-Jun-2010
Version: 8.3
Zeer eenvoudig te gebruiken

Shopper Team Response  
By: Team Shopper - Apr 5, 2011
Version: 8.7.5
Note: Please report problems to Support, not via iTunes reviews. We monitor Support in real-time. A report via an iTunes review may not get seen for days and does not allow us to follow-up and resolve the problem. We do provide real, individual, support on Shopper and Shopper Free, but please contact our support team via email, the user's forum, or on Twitter.A few important notes based on your iTunes feedback:- Shopper is not limited to the stores listed in the app. Users can create as many custom stores as desired from the Stores interface.- Some of the stores listed in Shopper provide us with their weekly ad specials. There is a growing list of over 80 retailers in all regions of the country including Alaska and Hawaii (see the full list on the retailers page of our website).- Users looking for the ability to quickly change stores at the top of their list can turn that option (The "Store Picker") back on from settings. We've tried to simplify but left it available if needed.- The notifications on the Shopper icon shows you the number of items in the list you last used. You can turn it off in the Settings screen, it is called "Home badge" there.Please see the app screenshots to see exactly what we are like. Users may see brand messaging or UDSA & FDA allergy alerts and recalls shown next to relevant items on their list. These are clearly labeled and distinguished from the notes you might add to an item.And thanks for all the support of everyone that has contacted us on the forum, support mail or via Twitter.

Great improvement  
By: johnforse - 19-Feb-2011
Version: 8.7.5
I fist had this app about a year ago & gave upcoming it because of problems with it's design and functionality.since the last update to v8, I am pleased to say that the app now functions wellI like the ability to construct different aisle/product arrangements for each store & have different priced for products in each store. The app now has a smooth flow to it's operations, and it's appearance is very clear and attractive.

What Happened?  
By: idan.2612 - 17-Jan-2011
Version: 8.7.5
The app is good, does what it says but it was much better in it's early stages with faster load times and simple UI. All I use is the Lists Features, everything else just bloats the app.

No ads in a payed app!!!  
By: Jester Lewis - 04.04.2011
Version: 8.7.5
I've to pay again to remove ads - You're kidding me, aren't you? And what's the problem to make a backup feature?

Perdiendo puntos  
By: peterfrago - 02-Apr-2011
Version: 8.7.5
Esta aplicación empezó siendo unas de las que más me gustaba, recién aparecido el iPhone 3G. Pero sus actualizaciones la han ido haciendo más pesada y compleja, y aunque en el iPhone 4 funciona adecuadamente, la cantidad de opciones que ofrece y lo confusa que resulta en ocasiones hace que haya perdido ese look&feel de Apple, que tan bien le sentaba en sus primera versiones.Llegado este punto, casi prefiero recomendar hacer una lista en Notas.

Super appli !!!  
By: Report a Concern -
Pourquoi un mode opératoire en anglais? A quand la modif ?C'est pénible !!!!!!

Used to rock!  
By: Cloudox - 09-Mar-2011
Version: 8.6
I found this app quite a while ago and quickly fell in love. What a great way to make a shopping list. The devs unfortunately believed (like too many devs) that adding features and adding features and adding even more features was a good way to iprove the list.It was not.What used to be a pretty straightforward, simple and awsome app became a bloated monster of an app, filled with useless features.Also, the start screen took forever to load plus you had to see that crammed opening menu.This app is a perfect example of how you can make an app by ADDING stuff.Look elsewhere for a good app.

Da's lekker...  
By: mhoutman - 17-Feb-2011
Version: 8.7.5
...eerst betalen voor een app en dan nog een keer een jaarlijkse bijdrage om ads te verwijderen ! #bigfail

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Funktionen fehlen  
By: shopper3333333 - 26-Jan-2011
Version: 8.7.5
nach dem programmstart sind nur mehr die halben Funktionen verfügbar. die beworbene scan-funktion ist nicht dabei, leider nur ein nepp. rausgeschmissenes geld, denn die verbleibenden Funktionen gibt's auch in gratis apps.

By: Aninil - 02-Feb-2011
Version: 8.7.5
Låång uppstart vilket är irriterande när man står i affären. Efter lite jobb med att lägga in hur avdelningarna kommer i affärerna är det suveränt att varorna alltid ligger i rätt ordning. Att den automatiskt byter till rätt affär funkar inte alltid, men det är lätt att byta manuellt. Har en 7-8 listor för olika sorters butiker o orter t ex Apoteket o GeKås men använder såklart oftast den för matvaror.

By: truegenius - 21-Dec-2010
Version: 8.7
Уберите баннер и мусорные функции.

Compras tornado fácil!  
By: DilasLuis - 28-Feb-2009
Version: 2.1.6
Ajuda imenso a cumprir o orçamento das compras. Agora até vem com a lista de produtos em português!

Great App  
By: Kwaka42 - 17-Sep-2009
Version: 3.1
Excellent app. Does everything as described and very good interface, very easy to use. Great price too.

Súper útil!!  
By: cyber-mom - 29-Jul-2010
Version: 8.3
No se te vuelve a olvidar o perder la lista del súper!! Adiós libretas que ocupan espacio en el bolso, adiós manchas de tinta de la pluma!!! Si tienes la tecnología, aprovechala al máximo!! Para macabra: vete a ajustes (del iPod, no de la app), general, internacional, region y cambia a méxico, así ya te sale en pesos, seguro lo tienes configurado como España.

Ben fatto ma...  
By: Traiano - 4-dic-2008
Version: 2.1.1
Dovrebbero sviluppare anche il lettore a barre all'interno del programma. In questo modo l'inserimento dei prodotti sarebbe immediato.

Foto deling  
By: Hgdtyjvugfi - 30-Oct-2010
Version: 8.6
Det et kanon program, dog undrer det mig på 2 punkter det viser ikke foto på modtagernes liste og heller ikke hvilken butik! Nogen der ved noget om det

By: Cross Fade - 07-Jan-2011
Version: 8.7.5
iPad version with family sync soon?

Améliorations ignorées  
By: DaoDao - 28-Aug-2010
Version: 8.5
Version 8.5 :Nouvelle version : aucune amélioration et toujours plain de publicitéVersion 8.3 : Avec cette dernière version l'application est devenue très lente au démarrage. Même avec le menu de démarrage désactivé, celui-ci s'affiche en premier avant d'afficher les listes.Version 8 :Avec cette dernière version l'application est devenue encore plus compliquée et il y a des nombreaux textes qui n'ont même pas été traduits en français. Version 6 : Avec cette version il faut payer un abonnement annuel pour ne pas recevoir de pub dans l'application. QUELLE ARNAQUE !!!! On achète un produit sans pub et peu après avec une mise à jour on vous met de la pub et on vous propose de ne plus la recevoir contre un abonnement. Ce procédé est absolument SCANDALEUX. En plus il s'agit de publicité pour des produits qui n'existent même pas pas en Europe ! Consultez le forum de l'application avant d'acheter cette application, tout le monde se plaint !.Be careful, at the beginning there were no ADS. Now withe the lastest 2 version there is now many advertisements, and you have to pay to desactivate the ADS !Autres points négatif : * si vous voyagez ou faites vos courses dans deux pays, il est impossible des définir les prix dans deux monnaies différents (CHF et Euros par exemple).* Les prix sont toujours arrondis. En France et en Italie les prix dans les commerces ne sont pas arrodis !






Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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