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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game






Last changed: Feb 10, 2011

Category: Productivity
Rating: rating (27088)
Version: 1.7.1
Size: 3.2 MB
Price: $9.99 


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By: MARC LAMBERT - 04-Aug-2008
Version: 1.0.1
Really excellent and pleasant to use. Try to complete it with more info such as phonecalls ....

Perfekt für den Alltag  
By: danielSO - 25-Jun-2010
Version: 1.5.2
Tolles, schönes und effizientes App!Warte auf Local-Notifications ;-)

Buena app  
By: iTot Maniac - 25-Jul-2010
Version: 1.5.2
Por un tiempo fue la solución que encontré en ToDo Apps, pero hoy hay otras opciones a considerar. A Things le está siendo necesario una lavada de cara: compartir tareas con otros iPhone, sincronización con iCal y algún buen método para exportar todo y hacer backups online.

By: Rist0 - 28-Sep-2010
Version: 1.6.1
Very good app but without cloud sync I find myself not using it that much. Wifi sync is just not my cup of tea. Lack of cloud/background sync actually renders this app useless for me. So please add sync. It's kinda obvious if you think it...

Absolutely on track thanks to Things  
By: Flyinchic - 28-Jan-2011
Version: 1.6.2
You'll wonder how you ever managed without it, it's fantastic!!!

Cloud Sync  
By: noelyeo - 30-Oct-2010
Version: 1.6.2
I can't believe there's still no syncing to the cloud. It's pretty much the only reason why I'm neither buying the iPad nor desktop version. Otherwise, a very bittersweet 4 stars.

Отличная вещь  
By: Oleg325xi - 05-Feb-2011
Version: 1.7
Пользуюсь. Очень полезная и нужная. За добавление рекурсивных тасков отдельное спасибо. Must have

Spravca uloh  
By: Grgus - 24-Jan-2011
Version: 1.6.3
ToDo a GTD aplikaci je v App store neurekom, aj free. Maloktora ma vsak vacsieho brata v podobe aplikacie pre Mac, pretoze spravovat ulohy len na iPhone mi osobne absolutne nevyhovuje, vacsina mojich uloh je spojena s pracou na pocitaci, takze na nom potrebujem tieto ulohy editovat. Na iPhone potrebujem mobilnu verziu tychto uloh, ked som v terene. Tieto moje poziadavky splnili Things. Pouzivam verziu pre Mac a iPhone, synchronizacia bez problemov cez WiFi, obe zariadenia musia visiet na rovnakej sieti. Netreba zabudat, ze ide len o software, ktory treba spravne pouzivat, rovnaky vysledok sa da dosiahnut aj papierovym diarom. Zaroven tento SW nevyriesi bordel v ulohach sam od seba, je to len pomocka pre ziskanie prehladu.

Push when  
By: Wildeboer83 - 15-Feb-2011
Version: 1.7.1
I will give Things five stars when they include push notifications. For the rest, best GTD app I found.

Très utile pour s'organiser !  
By: Vistanp - 5 févr. 2011
Version: 1.7
A bien améliorer la gestion des mes tâches. Vivement la synchronisation.

By: iQC - 27.02.2011
Version: 1.7.1
Einfach halten was man verspricht. Das sind die Macher von Things.

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Great app but missing a few things  
By: Report a Concern -
Worth purchasing

Nest best, mangler litt  
By: Aband - 06-Oct-2009
Version: 1.3.11
Bra app, enkle, men litt uortodokse løsninger. Lav terskel for dem som ikke tidligere har brukt gtd-programmer, lett å lære seg. Godt, men litt utilgjengelig tag-system. Burde være ett-trykks tilgang til tag-sortering. Tags brukes nemlig i stedet for kontekster. En god idé, men det burde altså være mulighet for kjapt å søke med tags på tvers av de ulike listene. Mangler også mulighet for gjentakende oppgaver og søkefunksjon. Dette gjelder imidlertid kun iPhone/touch. Things har nemlig en billig Mac/desktoputgave som anbefales og som synkroniseres bra. Den kan også synke med iCal's oppgaver. Man kan håpe på at funksjonalitet som mangler i dag gjøres tilgjengelig på iPhone etter hvert. Duoen Things iPhone/Mac er radikalt annerledes enn Omnifocus' tilsvarende. Man bør nesten starte med å teste begge sine Mac-utgaver (gratis i 15 dager) før man velger. Holder kanskje en knapp på Things, men da er det forutsatt at de lager desktoputgavens søk for iPhone også.

Worth it if you integrate  
By: Kravick - Mar 20, 2011
Version: 1.7.1
Combined with the desktop app it's with it. The sync options are great over the same network. Also, the minimal tap count to drop a quick to do into the list is worth it.

best ever  
By: Magnarp - 04-Sep-2010
Version: 1.6
Wow this program is so great, stress free manager. Works like a true mac app. Very happy that I found this.

They're working on it  
By: Intruth - 02-Mar-2011
Version: 1.7.1
The most beautiful. The most useable. The most frustrating to wait for. I know they're working hard on it at present.

Bien !  
By: Yapakka - 03-Feb-2011
Version: 1.7
Things est assez simple mais puissant et avec une version mac, ce qui est vraiment agréable pour faire le point de toutes ses tâches. Passez à l'action !Le support est à l'écoute et super efficace Propositions pour le futur: - Joindre une image ou un enregistrement sonore - Choisir un contact pour un téléphone ou un e-mail - Couleurs différentes pour les différents domaines et mêmes couleurs pour les projets correspondant ou bien un tri dans "aujourd'hui" par domaines ?

Great design but needs improvement  
By: Algor - 25-gen-2011
Version: 1.6.3
I really like Things - it has a great design, it's easy to use, it has a great Mac and iPad versions, etc. - BUT 1) it's horrible not to have a cloud sync yet and it's ridiculous that users have to have a Mac and buy the Mac version as well to sync between two iOS devices! There are plenty of other apps out there that allows cloud sync or at least backup to send to other devices! 2) for the features offered it costs too much! I can understand the 40-50$ for the Mac edition - which is really well done - but 9.99$ for the iPhone and almost the double for the iPad is really expansive!! You are NOT worth it yet!! And what about a simple integration to Local Notifications??

By: 무적엘지 - 15-Dec-2008
Version: 1.2
프로젝트 기능 너무 편해요 정말 정리 쉽게 하고 있습니다 돈값은 하고 있네요

Den bedste  
By: victoryisland - 04-Feb-2009
Version: 1.3.2
Det bedste to-do program du kan få. Meget nemt at tilføje nye ting til listen så man hurtigt kan få opgaverne tastet ind så snart de dukker op. Lækkert interface og jævnlige opdateringer.

By: Report a Concern -
Things is a really good app but the sync method is really weak !!






Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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