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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game



iPhoneAppsPlus->Sports->Golfshot: Golf GPS

Golfshot: Golf GPS

Golfshot: Golf GPS

Last changed: Dec 10, 2010

Category: Sports
Rating: rating (5123)
Version: 2.5
Size: 18.6 MB
Price: $29.99 


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By: Ricgolfer - 9-gen-2011
Version: 2.5
Ottima app. Utilissima in campo, gps preciso, facile da usare.

Golfshot GPS  
By: Ruud Otto - 13-Jan-2011
Version: 2.5
This app is absolute fabulous. GPS en to prepare for golfrounds is very easy and clear to use. What à greatnapp and for every golfer à revelation. Price quality is top. À recommendation.

Excellent support  
By: pedrohamilton - 24-Jan-2011
Version: 2.5
Local course had not yet been mapped but Golfshot provided excellent instructions and the information required. Course was updated that night - many thanks for superb support and a great app.Now if they could come with an app which gives me another 20 metres...!

Best golf GPS app  
By: geirch - 22-Jan-2011
Version: 2.5
This is a frest app. The support is also fantastic and they have an active Facebook community! Worth all the five star with clear margin!

By: Mikey, Aargau - 25-Dec-2010
Version: 2.5
Ich habe nur gute Erfahrungen gemacht - auch in der Schweiz...!!! Wer GS im Ausland verwenden will, soll die Luftbilder bereits zu Hause oder im Hotel via Internet, Wifi etc herunterladen. Dann ist auf dem Kurs kein Roaming mehr nötig - genau so ist GS ja konzipiert...Fazit: unverzichtbar geworden und spiele nicht mehr ohne. Go for it...!!!

By: doknarf - 23-Jan-2011
Version: 2.5
After getting a golf gps app from another developer I was very sceptical about buying another one, but boy was I surpized. I decided to test golfshot out against the gps provided in the golfcart. All the distances were 100% accurate. The scoring facility works very well and is easy and quick to use. My battery lasted the whole round, in fact I didnt had to charge it until I went to bed. Well done. I HIGHLY recommend this app.

By: edcel-hkg - 01-Jul-2010
Version: 2.0
All in all the application is great.Although my experience tells me that the GPS signal takes a bit of time to establish and gets annoying when lost at timesThere's no return button when you're inside the scoring menu, thus you need to save the score first before you can go out.The support is also great and request for golf course is also quick. But would be great and great help on the player if the CONTOUR of the green can also be included in future update.

Incredible app  
By: cahillcc - 21-Nov-2010
Version: 2.3
I bought the app but wasn't sure whether it would live up to it's ratings or not. I've only used it once, but it's incredible. The scoring and stats are good enough, but the gps yardages are so accurate it's almost already a must have from here on for future rounds. Best app I've ever bought...a must for all golfers around the world...

By: Phil018 - 17-Apr-2010
Version: 1.5
I bought this app a couple of days ago, and tried it during two rounds of golf. First, I easily found the courses where I played, cool start! It took me a while to get used to the interface, but I quickly found my way. An area where I hope to see some improvement in the future is the accuracy: at times, the distance from the tee to the green and the one mentioned on my scorecard didn't match! My scorecard was right of course. Though I must say it didn't happen often, this is quite annoying... There are also times when you need to wait for a while before the distance gets updated. As if the GPS was asleep for a few seconds. All in all, a very convincing app, and the fact that you can easily manage your statistics is really nice. The input method is very fast and convenient.

고가제품에 비하면 대체로  
By: 싱글희망 - 08-Dec-2010
Version: 2.3
Gps가 부정확한것은 아이폰 탓으로 이해됩니다. 국내맵이 부족하군요지도도 골프코스도 국내업체인 파이골프나비가 여러기능에서 우위

Good Stuff !!  
By: Tengku Farith - 14-Jun-2010
Version: 1.6
Excellent app and very reliable. love the new version where i can share my score on FB. I got the Golfplan with PA too. it really helps to improve my game.

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

By: Pro roy - 22-Nov-2010
Version: 2.3
Muy buena!!!

The Best App EVER!!!  
By: Mma Airman - Feb 12, 2011
Version: 2.5
Can't say enough great things about this app!! I was a 6 handicap before now I'm a scratch golfer!! The BEST!! So user friendly!!

By: Plutonian - 16-Feb-2011
Version: 2.5
Great GPS golf app. Use the ariel photos touch the screen and get a distance to any point. Heavy on battery use, you do need to follow the advice about switching off wifi and Bluetooth and then it is fine. Few annoying very simple bugs, it can't score stapleford points correctly, my handicap is 13 and if gives me a shot on SI14 as well, hope there will be an update soon to fix.

Simply the Best  
By: Hawkman63 - 16-Feb-2011
Version: 2.5
I have tried all the others, this is the best. Thousands of courses in Australia and they all work. The add on are very good also.

Super Programm  
By: Rico BOTTINI - 09-Sep-2010
Version: 2.1
Bestes Golf Programm für iPhone Habe in Thailand Türkei Hongkong China Österreich gespielt einfach super!!!!!!Braucht viel Akku das ist der einzige Nachteil

By: BloodSausage - 15-Feb-2011
Version: 2.5
I love this app. It is extremely accurate, no recurring fees and the overviews are great.I would like to have the feature that allows you to input approximate club distances, and the app could suggest a club for a certain shot (taking into account elevation change).

Solucionar conteo de putts  
By: Figurita - 09-Feb-2011
Version: 2.5
No creo q cueste tanto trabajo introducir la contabilidad de los putts. Lo demás perfecto.

By: うにまさ - 06-Feb-2011
Version: 2.5

The best  
By: Golfmasterssssss - Dec-2010
Version: 17
Best app ever. Everything is perfect and all your rounds are saved and u can get good statistics from your rounds so u know what u have to practice :)

By: lizhejun2000 - 03-Nov-2010
Version: 2.2






Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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