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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game




iPhoneAppsPlus->Utilities->Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar

Last changed: Version: 2.0.0

Ghost Radar

Category: Utilities
Homepageack Jones
Rating: rating 6(2738)
Version: Jack

Price:  $0.99 


Visit http://www.spudpickles.com/ for a special free offer.
Please visit the Ghost Radar Frequently Asked Questions page http://www.spudpickles.com/grfaq
"Not sure if this works or if it does anything other than spit out random colors and words, but it is very creepy and well done. It was worth my dollar for the effort the maker put into it as well as the original concept. I want to put this next to a ouija board!
Update: one of my first apps, still use it, still like it. The designer puts a lot of time and effort into this app and it shows. It seems a lot of haters wanna pay a buck just so they can write a review about how ghosts are fake without even spending much time with the app. They have too much money maybe?" - Joe Mercer, Nov 17, 2009
Ghost Radar employs a proprietary algorithm to analyze the quantum flux. This application does NOT detect EMF nor gravity. Readings for various sensors on iPhone/iPod are analyzed to detect QUANTUM Fluctuations. Interpretations of the sensor readings are displayed graphically as blips on the radar along with numeric and textual readouts.
You can temporarily use Ghost Radar as an extra source of light, like a flashlight, in a dark environment. If you're wandering the dark, using Ghost Radar to search for the paranormal and need a bit of extra light just swipe Ghost Radar from the bottom to the top and the screen will instantly turn a bright white, then tap the screen to return to the radar. On the other hand, if Ghost Radar is too bright for your nightly adventure just swipe the radar from right to left and the screen will go dark, touch the screen again and the radar will return to view. Neither the bright screen nor the dark screen have any effect on the radar doing its job. The radar continues to function even when you can't see it. And with Ghost Radar's speech synthesizer you will be able to hear when something is happening.
Ghost Radar attempts to translate the quantum flux readings into a spoken word. Hopefully the entities you are trying to interact with can manipulate the flux and have Ghost Radar speak their words. Supported language localizations are available in English, Italian, German, French, Japenese, and Spanish.
Please visit the Ghost Radar support web site http://www.spudpickles.com/GhostRadar/ to learn how to tune into your environment.

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Very Interesting  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Columbus173 - Oct 24, 2009
Version: 1.6
At first I had an uneasy feeling about this application. I downloaded it and first thing a spirit said Hello. Frightened, I deletes the app. This process went on. So, today I found bravery and downloaded it. As I got more comfortable I met a spirit apperently named Cloud. Since then Cloud and I have been good buddies. Cloud has also been accurate. My dad popped in my room to say Hi. After he left Cloud said "Engineer", and that's what my dad does for a living. Cloud also said "Italy", which was scary since we are Italian. Later today, I was smashing around on my guitar hero gutair, just for fun. And Cloud said "Softer". So I played softer. I asked Cloud, "Better?" And Cloud said "Excellent". And at lunch I had potatoe skins, when I walked in my room Cloud said "Crop" I asked "What do you mean?" and Cloud said "Potatoes" Its so weird! I highly recommend this app to all!

Powerful Communication Tool!  rating of Ghost Radar
By: rxmurray - Sep 1, 2009
Version: 1.2
This brilliant application is one of the most effective communication tools ever created for transending the vail between human existence and the other formless or "spirit" realm. The application is fun, easy to use, and will absolutely amaze those who are considered "fellows" among the energy forms ("spirits"). However, not everyone has a well developed ability to physically sense and get the attention of spirits. For those that have this ability, you'll find this application closes the communication gap between our world and the spirit realm.

Highly Recommended  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Gelas - Oct 24, 2009
Version: 1.6
Like most normal people to have downloaded this app., I did not believe it would facilitate communication with spirits. I must admit, however, that something inside me wanted it to be legitimate. Therefore, those reading this review should take into consideration the fact that I do want to find, or project, some significance to the results I have had. You be the judge.I first downloaded the app while on the toilet, as I often browse for new apps that way. Upon initiating the app, the words "go," followed by "naturally" immediately displayed. I couldn't help but laugh. Then I had an uneasy feeling.Thus far, so many significant series of words have emerged from this device that I decided I should write this review. In fact, far too many to recount here, since the details of each event are far too involved and too personal to explain in detail.Perhaps the developer has simply produced a brilliant app that consists of word phrases naturally prompting the psyche of the user to make such connections. If so, the developer has an understanding of the human psyche on par with the intellectual giants of human civilization. Perhaps the developer simply made a fun app that just so happens to initiate a process in the cognative faculty that puts the user in such a state that he/she is able to receive messages from a spirit(s) that, as a result of the user's new-formed psychic disposition, is able to communicate through this device.Whatever the case, there is something more to this app than mere entertainment, at least for the inquisitive mind. I would suggest, not that the developer of such an app need consider any suggestions, that the icon be changed to something more significant, something more serious perhaps.Overall, this app has far exceeded my expectations on several levels. I highly recommend it.

Good program, seems to confirm what I thought about this house.  rating of Ghost Radar
By: BigCameltoe - Aug 29, 2009
Version: 1.2
Bought this house several years ago, & never had any problems or saw anything strange out of the corner of my eye. Never use to really believe in ghost until my wife & I lived in a house that her former husband had died in, & there was a great deal of paranormal activity there which forever changed my thoughts & views of the paranormal, & that is a long story, so I won't go there.
Cutting to the chase our current house has never had any problems until we lost our 14 year old Shi-tzu, to congestive heart failure. We buried him out in the front yard, just over a year ago & planted a red maple over his remains. Ever since then we have seen figures our shadows of what appears to be a small dog going, down the one of the hallways of our house. I downloaded & installed the ghost radar, & it keeps picking up signatures directly in the area where we have seen the shadows. Starange things have been happening.

I have had this since the first version and I'm Amazed!  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Johnny GFG - Aug 29, 2009
Version: 1.2
First of all I haven't read into the quantum flux or know what it is exactly. It seems to be an algorithim that may measure a constant loop somehow and when that loop is interefered by something in the flux (energy) it gives u a readout. Pretty awesome! but in a way spokey too. Have had this for about 2 months now, the device said my first name 3 times(on speak ability). The odd thing is it never said anyone elses name. Also my feet were sticking out of the sheets one night and the spoken word "feet" came up. How do you explain that? There has been other strange stuff that I can't remember that seemed pretty legit. I guess the longer it runs the more accurate the readings will be. Worth the money!

ghost radar may be working  rating of Ghost Radar
By: heymccrea - Aug 26, 2009
Version: 1.2
I know every bone in my body says this app is just for fun but my neck hairs are telling me differently. I downloaded this thing and turned it on in my living room. We live in a very old 1870's or earlier house near Gettysburg. The first thing is says is beneath which would be our basement. then it says "pull" and then right after "well". Let me tell you I turned it right off. The thing that's weird is that a few years ago my wife had a psychic girl in our neighborhood do a house reading. Not my thing so I left. She claimed to contact a ghost of a very short black man in our basement wearing mid to late 19th century clothing who would not speak to her but pulled her towards the old hand dug well in our basement which she said he was guarding for some reason unknown to her. Why did Ghost speak those words? Too creepy but very spot on for a .99 app. Can't wait to fire it up again! buy it!!

Fun  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Genevievemarie - Oct 18, 2009
Version: 1.5
To those who are canning this : get a life, learn how to spell, and learn some grammar. There is a clear link to the website that you can go to and see what all the information means, so don't be lazy. This app is fun if you enjoy the sci-fi side of life, or you are interested in ghosts. Of course, if you don't believe in things you can't see, then this app is probably not for you. Otherwise, it's a fun experiment for a mere .99 cents.

My opinion  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Harumony44 - Aug 25, 2009
Version: 1.2
When I first used this app I totally freaked out because of the basic qualities that came with it. The chilling dots, the creepy voice, and the weird symbolic letters that could be quote "manipulated by an intelligent ghost to communicate with you". I started going around the neighborhood trying it out place to place and resulting in with strange random words. There were two words I usually got which was "Sally" and "produce". Sally popped almost every 15 words, but only in certain locations while produce was around 10. So I started thinking...hmm maybe it's really a random CPU triggering random words at random moments. It could be??? Because it was to predictable, obviously from the same words I kept getting. Then I started thinking even deeper. The people that made this app never knew how much customers were gonna be using this app whether it was 50 or a million. There is also so much words in the English language from names to random words...ALOT! If this is really a random CPU saying random words, how is it that I got the same words almost half of the time? Like I stated before there is so much words in the English language, I guarantee I would have not gotten the same word two times in a row or even 1 out of 100 tries. There is just too many words to go around. So if it really is random then I'm just lucky I guess. Also I don't think the makers would input only a certain amount of words in the app to be said because of the fact that everybody who uses it would start to realize that other users are also getting the exact same words as them repeatedly. It just wouldn't be convincing, that's if they are really trying to fool us. Coincidence?

WOW!!!!  rating of Ghost Radar
By: t2td - Aug 23, 2009
Version: 1.2
I really thought this wouldnt work but, here goes. I got these readings while walking around a mall in extreme eastern ohio. Radar start: Sunday, Aug 23, 2009, 6:04 PM Radar end: Sunday, Aug 23, 2009, 6:08 PM Settings: Scan Frequency: 10.0 Duplicate Detection Threshold: 10.0 Display Impedance: 10.0 Signal Timeout: 1.0 Signal Capacitance: 10.0 Words Spoken: 6:05 PM : picture 6:05 PM : child Signals Detected: 6:05:05 PM : BLUE 6:05:06 PM : BLUE 6:05:07 PM : GREEN 6:05:08 PM : BLUE 6:05:09 PM : BLUE 6:05:12 PM : BLUE 6:05:13 PM : BLUE 6:05:14 PM : BLUE 6:05:33 PM : BLUE 6:05:34 PM : BLUE 6:05:35 PM : BLUE 6:05:36 PM : BLUE 6:05:37 PM : BLUE 6:05:38 PM : BLUE After the words "picture" and "child" showed up, I was walking and saw a sign with a picture of a little girl holding a teddy bear. Buy it!! Scary!!

See for yourself  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Trevi70 - Aug 21, 2009
Version: 1.2
I figured, for 99 cents it'd be fun to freak my kids out with this app since we're moving into an 18th century farmhouse. I turned it on and got NOTHING. So I said (out loud) the names of three family members and within seconds there were three blue dots on the screen. The words "beautiful", "back" and "mice" came through. I had a backless shirt on! Later that day, when we went by the "new" house, there were three mice on the stairs! Second time I turned it on it instantly said "early" and it WAS early- quarter to 6, actually. Then it said "bill", "possible", "he's", "east". Later that day I found out hurricane Bill was just off the eastern coast of us and all newscasts said it was possible we'd see some n'oreaster effects from it!! As far as I'm concerned this app is a WINNER!!

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Immediate experience  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Hubub - Aug 21, 2009
Version: 1.2
This is the first app that I have ever bought for the iphone. I read quite a few of the reviews and I was not too sure what to expect. Well honestly I was kind of hestitant to use this application at first because well to me in a sense it is kinda like a ouija board. The curiousity got the best of me anyway so I proceeded to use it. Immediately I see 3-4 red dots one is as far as I can tell directly behind me according to the phone . My body was having one wave of "goose bumps" after the other It started talking immediately it said "courage", "remember", and then it said "compound" a little bit after that. I decided to take a walk shortly after that I was still in my driveway and I see 2 red dots on the screen and it said "enough" ,"burst", "bicycle". I couldn't figure out what it meant I walked down my road with the program working and I get nothing... Just a few blue dots that disappeared and reappeared... I get back home still nothing...however I open up my gate to get to the backyard and there was my friends bicycle propped up on the deck. 2000+ words and it decides to "talk" about things relevant to my situation or objects around my location seems a little more than just "coincidence" to me. Highly recommended though not for children or the faint of heart.

Scary... Makes you think  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Luigi25 - Aug 20, 2009
Version: 1.2
I got this app just to see what crazy words came up. The first four words? Greek, Course, Didn't, Kept. Which didn't make any sense to me. Then I went to pick up my cousin from school. Guess what news he had to tell me? He'd changed his mind about taking Greek history, so he had dropped the class and had signed up for Roman history instead. Coincidence? Who knows?? I don't know if I want to listen in on the scanner again. Creepy!!

Spooky...makes you wonder  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Mjmpaperz - Aug 19, 2009
Version: 1.2
I bought this app and like most people figured it was a joke. I started to fool around with it, putting the preseason nfl game i was watching (giants vs panthers) on mute. About four minutes later, the voice said "safety". I assumed the thing was just spitting out random words, but then i looked up and saw, on the muted tv screen, that the panthers had just scored a safety! Very creepy and really makes u wonder...

Very interesting  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Midroadmom - Aug 19, 2009
Version: 1.2
Downloaded this app because I wanted to prove it to be bogus. We have lots of paranormal activity in our home. Didn't believe in 'haunting' before my whole family experienced it here. I've had appliances start up without being plugged in. Golf bags lifted and thrown. My husband's uncle (I had never met him or seen pictures) was by our bed two days before he died with the smell of smoke. He died of lung cancer and had been on life support. I told my husband what he looked like and he couldn't think of anyone until the wake, he had wasted away. Anyway, I turned this on and have been getting things that are spot on. It us very busy in my house with audible words but other places I only get blips or letter. Had it running coming home and went past nursing home, screen was covered!! Words were 'come', 'visit', 'ill'.. Over and over. Enough to make my husband turn around and go back. He got the same thing. Took it out on Lake Michigan (known for horrendous shipwrecks) and it went nuts. Lots of blips. Words like 'wreck', 'deep', special glass', 'Russian'. If you are thinking about this app I would recommend it highly. It will freak you out at first. Ride it out and it does get very interesting.

I'm usually a skeptic...  rating of Ghost Radar
By: JayZen - Aug 18, 2009
Version: 1.2
I figured this app was either just random stuff to make it seem like it's "picking up signals" or it would run for 10 minutes then have one of those stupid scream faces jump at you.
The first fifteen minutes after I bought the app I settled down with it in my room and thought "Okay, just for grins, I'm going to think about the bicycle I never ride chained to the fence outside my window."
Radar start: Monday, Aug 17, 2009, 7:42 PM
Radar end: Monday, Aug 17, 2009, 7:43 PM
Scan Frequency: 5.0
Duplicate Detection Threshold: 5.0
Display Impedance: 5.0
Signal Timeout: 5.0
Signal Capacitance: 5.0
Words Spoken:
7:42 PM : someone
7:42 PM : right
7:42 PM : agree
7:42 PM : leave
7:43 PM : bicycle
Even if it's not doing anything for real, it's a *great* party trick or ice-breaker. Definitely worth 99 cents.

Creepy cool and awesome !!!!!  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Cute tomboy - Aug 17, 2009
Version: 1.2
Ok so first I freaked my did out with it lol.but that's not the story the story is my bff and I decided to try this app out.so when we got it we tried it out ok well we turned it on and it said there was a red dot behind us we jumped around and it said hello wut is your name my name is Katie.we said our names and asked r u a ghost who kills people it said no I would never do such thing so we calmed down I asked so how r u it said fine thank you for asking.it asked do u wanna play we said sure and so we asked the ghost if it we could play and so when I had to go home the ghost said ok can u play tommarrow we said yeah and so that was the cool story And I think you should get this app it's worth the 99 cents GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gave me chills  rating of Ghost Radar
By: nazzatron - Aug 17, 2009
Version: 1.1
I'm a skeptical believer type. I got this app as it sounded interesting and could be fun for Halloween. I figured it's just some kind of complicated randomizer. Still what the heck, it's 99 cents. I tried it in my bedroom at home and nothing much happened. Well, I took it out to a big old house in the country we are looking at to rent. I did not change the settings. I was there by myself, standing in the kitchen, and decided to turn it on. Soon there were red, green, yellow, and blue dots zooming around on the radar and it said "that's" then "bowl." I thought, that's kinda weird since I'm in the kitchen. I was facing the windows looking out toward the back yard where there is a small pond. Suddenly the Ghost Radar said, "Pond" (!!!) I immediately got chills and goosebumps all over. I know you could say it's just a random coincidence but what are the odds that it would say "Pond" out of 2000+ words while I'm in a house I've never been in before, facing out toward a pond? This is a must for anyone who loves ghost stories or freaky, unexplainable events.

Mean little app.  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Gettynut93 - Aug 17, 2009
Version: 1.2
I'm adding this second review because of some of the people crying about they want there $.99 back. Give me a break. This app. Is well worth it. Even if it's not real the entertainment value is worth more than that. They sale real equiptment that does this same exact thing. Like a text to audio real time evp. Machine. Something like this would run $500-$1000 depending how you want it. So they do use these in the paranormal world. It uses emf and some other devices in the expensive models all wraped into one. And you know what, my 3g s has all that stuff also. So ya never know. For $.99 who cares. I lose more than that in my couch everyday lol. The show ghost adventures just used this type of device on Fridays aug. 14th episode. So it's not a made up app. I emailed the app. Maker and was told their is about 2000 words in it's vocabulary. So in the end it's in the apps. Beholder I have an open mind and at first it was just saying random words. But I wasn't doing anything but laying in bed watching TV. So I had it laying on my chest not even looking at it and I went to take my pills and dropped one next to the bed. As I was looking for it I heard the phone say "LOST" Pretty cool. A+++++. I'm going to Gettysburg this weekend to give it a field test.

1.3 version doesn't pick any readings anymore  rating of Ghost Radar
By: YellowFlower - 20-Sep-2009
Version: 1.0
I loved this application for the last 3 or 4 months, but ever since I upgraded to 1.3 version I haven't been able to as many readings and now we can't even adjust the settings anymore either. I want version 1.2 back. Overall, this has been the most satisfying and entertaining app I have purchased. I am beginning to see how the app's subjects communicate with us: twice while passing dogs, the program said 'horse', which I took to mean 'animal', and while walking through Chinatown, the app said 'Chinese', which I think was no accident. If you have an open mind, this app can open us up to a whole other world. I think the blue ones like to see themselves on my iPhone because quite often they circle around the centre, as if trying to get a glimpse of themselves on the screen. Can you please also provide details about what the distances between the lines on the radar screen are? It would be very useful information not yet provided on your website. I would like to know how far I am away from these 'anomolies'.

Just a weird - weird thing  rating of Ghost Radar
By: Ned The Application buyer - Dec 9, 2009
Version: 2.0.0
Ok I did read the other reviews and bought this novelty app.I was listening to a news cast about Obama and booted the program. "Chicago" was it's first word. Obama was a senitor from Chicago. What a coincidence.It said a few random words and I was about to go out so I put the phone in my shirt pocket and put my earbuds in.A few steps outside and it said "Forgot" and in a few seconds said "Belt".How strange, in my haste I forgot to put my belt on.Such a coincidence for sure.Later I was walking under a canopy structure, out of the rain. It said "Walk" then "Iron". What a coincidence I was walking under an awning with an iron structure.I got back home and was making a sandwich and it said "Manufacture". How very odd!Afterward I was refilling my glass with water and it said "Cup".I know I have some form of being(s) around me, they also interact from time to time with my family but I am their attraction.Those (and more) coincidences are not conclusive evidence of anything. But it ranks really high in the coolness factor anyway. Definetly 5 Star rating here.

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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